Friend: Chris Naimoli

Name: Chris Naimoli
Hometown: Southwest Philadelphia
High School: West Catholic
College: Long Beach State
Occupation: Software Test Engineer
Personal Bests: 800m: 2:00.6 (pre-fat); 1500m: 3:57 (pre-fat); 3k: 8:32 (pre-fat); 5k: 14:57 (pre-fat); 8k: 23:51 (pre-fat); 10 mile: 51:30 (pre-fat); Half Marathon: 70:21 (pre-fat); 800m: 2:08 (post-fat); Mile: 4:37 (post-fat); 5k: 16:07 (post-fat); 8k: 25:59 (post-fat); 10 mile: 58:50 (post-fat); Marathon: 2:44:32 (post-fat)
Running Goals: 5k: Sub 15:30; 8k: Sub 25:30; Just keep enjoying the process of getting back to my old self. Total weight loss since May 2011 has been 70 lbs.