PRTC Weekly: 11/19/2017 Marathon Weekend Recap and More

Marathon Weekend Recap

We think this is our largest race report yet: 27 PRTC members participated in marathon weekend here in Philadelphia. One particularly ambitious member even raced twice. More on this later… We’ve done our best to capture everyone’s time and place as well as note confirmed PR’s. Apologies to anyone we’ve missed. We like the challenge of keeping track of our growing club and associated accomplishments!
Our report is limited to highlights this week due to space. That said, congrats to all who raced! Conditions were tough at times, but we performed very well as a club, something that should soon be reflected in the USATF Mid-Atlantic Grand Prix standings. Thanks to all who joined us and welcome newcomers!
Highlights: Christine Ramsey placed 5th in the half-marathon. Paul Matuszak achieved a fast new half-marathon PR and placed 10th overall. Chris Mullin (new to the club and joining us at XC Nationals) made a strong debut in his new PRTC singlet nearly breaking 70 minutes in the half and placing 12th. Harsha Thirumurty, also new to the club, placed as 2nd male master in the half-marathon.
Margaret Vido and Meghan Bishop placed 5th and 8th respectably in the Rothman 8k. Paul Matuszak doubled back for a very impressive 2nd race of the day running 25:55 continuing just about the same pace he set during his half-marathon PR.
In the marathon, Steve Hallman and Sean Clark both ran fast races on a very windy day. They both cracked the milestone of sub 2:30. Steve PR’d by a minute and Sean Clark took several minutes off his previous best time. They placed 14th and 16th. Great racing Steve and Sean! Other marathon highlights include several first-time finishers and Lizzy Barrett’s new PR and 22nd place finish.
Half Marathon
Paul Matuszak: 1:08:06 (10th; 1st Philadelphian; PR)
Chris Mullin: 1:10:20 (12th)
Colin McGrath: 1:10:53 (15th; PR)
Mike Vido: 1:13:35 (23rd)
Julian Boggs: 1:13:50 (25th)
Harsha Thirumurthy: 1:15:22 (35th; 2nd master)
Alec Brand: 1:16:07 (39th; 1st Half Marathon)
Christine Ramsey: 1:20:21 (5th!)
Nabil Hashmi: 1:28:22 (184th)
Alex Tozzo: 1:29:22 (209th)
Kayla Vaughan: 1:37:40 (148th)
Evan Megoulas: 1:52:40 (1,394th; PR)
Rothman 8k 
Chris Mateer: 25:48 (24th)
Paul Matuszak: 25:55 (26th; 2nd race of day!)
Joe Binder: 26:30 (38th)
Max Krall: 28:06 (60th; PR)
Margaret Vido: 28:11 (5th)
Meghan Bishop: 28:47 (8th)
Ashton Hughes: 31:28 (28th)
Steve Hallman: 2:28:24 (14th; PR)
Sean Clark: 2:29:00 (16th; PR)
Sean Pezzullo:  2:40:09 (40th; 1st Marathon)
Tim Rusterholtz: 2:42:22 (61st)
Breandan Lyman: 2:43:54 (71st)
Ben Nieto: 2:48:47 (104th)
Tom Thomas: 2:52:49 (130th; 1st Marathon)
Lizzy Barrett: 3:02:25 (22nd; PR)
Jason Vail: 3:07:36 (355th)
All results here!

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