PRTC Weekly: 04/17/2017 Boston Marathon Results and More


Boston Marathon (Limited) Recap

PRTC had 8 members complete the Boston Marathon this Patriots’ Day. While we haven’t had a chance to hear race day stories yet, congratulations to all who qualified and crossed the finish line. Competing in this prestigious race is an accomplishment in itself! We’re looking forward to hearing all the details.
Note: Results (unofficial) out of more than 30,000 qualifying entrants.
Sean Clark: 2:33:03 (81st overall; 72nd male; 60th age group)
Pat McLaughlin: 2:36:28 (114 overall; 101st male; 87th age group)
Paul Matuszak: 2:49:08 (525th overall; 488th male; 394th age group)
Stephen Hallman: 2:49:56 (581st overall; 543rd male; 439th group)
Nabil Hashmi: 3:17:26 (4,120th overall; 3,605th male; 2,164th age group)
Steve Sloan: 4:28:56 (19,237th overall; 11,174th male; 1,199th age group) *
Zandra Walton: 3:11:21 (3,049th overall; 291st female; 253rd age group)
Bethany Clark: 3:19:36 (4,573rd overall; 630th female; 546th age group)
Samantha Sloan: 4:21:01 (18,719th overall; 7,775th female; 4,034th age group)

*Honorary PRTC member

Results here!

Other Race Results

Chris Mateer took on the Breakneck Point Trail Run this past Saturday and brought home 2nd place despite an early off course detour. Breakneck was a true trail race and a bit out of the norm compared to PRTC’s usual race repertoire. “Breakneck Point (features) steep pitches, one with hand over foot climbing, technical rock sections of trail, and significant cumulation gain. It’s also one of the more beautiful w/ panoramic river and mountain vistas, beautiful and historic singletrack, and the staging for a grand adventure for runners of all levels.” Chris covered the race’s 12 kilometers in 2:24.19. For more on the course see our social media feature. Nice job Chris!

Results here!


Last Call: Valley Forge Rev Run

A last call for our next Grand Prix event: The Valley Forge Revolutionary Run 5 Miler. Online registration is still open here!
Valley Forge is well-placed as a final Broad Street tune up and it’s always fun to visit the historical park. Importantly, a $10 post-race brunch at McKenzie’s Brew House is offered to all runners.

Upcoming Runs, Events & Races

Tuesday: Track work at Franklin Field. Meet at 6:15 PM for warm-up or 6:30 PM for workout. Enter through Brysi Cafe. Workout:
Group A: (Submitted by Greg) Mile in 5:15-5:20 followed by 3 min rest; 4×400 in 69-70 w/ 90 sec. rest followed by 4×200 at 30/31 w/ 90 sec. rest.
Group B: (Submitted by Jamie) Mile repeats
Group C: Alternate at track if desired.
Sunday: Long Run: 8:30 AM at Lloyd Hall
Sunday, April 23rd – Valley Forge Revolutionary 5 Mile Run (Register)
Thursday, April 27th – Penn Relays (Distance Night)
Sunday, May 7th – Broad Street 10 Mile Run

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