PRTC Weekly: 12/26/16 (Holiday Break and More)

Holiday Break

Not much news this week, but we hope everyone is enjoying the holidays! Very soon we’ll be back be back on our normal schedule (including Tuesday workouts!). We’ll also be sending out a race schedule for spring to include next year’s Grand Prix circuit and providing some info on new men’s and women’s uniforms for 2017.
In the meantime, enjoy these recent articles recently featured on our social media pages and elsewhere. Adidas is challenging Nike’s sub 2 hour marathon project with an effort of their own. A British runner is using Strava to map out festive routes and Lancaster PA’s own Christopher McDougal (Born to Run) has a series in the New York Times titled, ” Running with Sherman” about his attempts to train an adopted donkey into a  pack-burro racing partner.

Upcoming Runs

Tuesday: Holiday break. As always, check our easy runs or men’s/women’s lists for “unofficial” group runs.
Sunday: Long Run: 8:30 AM at Lloyd Hall

Social Media Post of the (last) Week

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