PRTC Weekly: 11/21/2016 Philly Race Weekend Results and More

Philadelphia Race Weekend Results
More than 20 members of PRTC raced this weekend, so please excuse our abbreviated reporting. Also, if we’ve missed something like a result or PR, feel free to let us know. As always, everyone is welcome to share race recaps, photos or anything else on our social media accounts!

Meghan Bishop placed 2nd overall in the Rothman 8k and collected $500.
Lauren Kelly took 4th overall in the Rothman 8k and won $150 for her efforts.
Sean Clark made a triumphant return to competitive racing with a fast 8k result.
Hoogie paced himself through a strong half marathon, good for 2nd in his age group.
Kinjal easily won a spot among the top ten women in the half marathon with 7th place.
Paul ran very well in the marathon & placed just outside of the top 10. First “born & raised Philadelphian! Slightly shy of PR, very good for weather conditions.
Mike Vido also ran very close to his PR, set several years ago. Ran a well-paced, smart race.
Sam Coates-Finke had a terrific marathon (and PRTC) debut! Placed 3rd in age group!
Breandan lowered his marathon PR by about 2 minutes!
Margaret won first Philadelphian (and $1k)! Just missed besting her marathon PR set last year.
Liz cruised under the 3 hour barrier for the first time marking a sizable marathon PR.

Not many!
Weather conditions on Saturday and Sunday were jarring, to say the least. Saturday was unseasonably warm and Sunday was much too windy for especially fast times.

Rothman 8k
Sean Clark: 26:11 (24th overall; 3rd in age group)
Bjorn Wastvedt: 27:25 (44th overall; 16th in age group)
Kevin Brandon: 27:27 (46th overall; 17th in age group)
Jack Denison: 28:44 (63rd overall; 25th in age group)
Meghan Bishop: 28:45 (64th overall; 2nd female; 1st in age group)
Lauren Kelly: 29:32 (72nd overall; 4th female; 1st in age group)
Jamie Morgenstern: 30:04 (84th overall; 7th female; 3rd in age group)
Bethany Clark: 31:18 (96th overall; 10th female; 4th in age group)
Ashton Hughes: 32:11 (112th overall; 15th female; 3rd in age group)
Dynise Balcavage: 34:55 (160th overall; 32nd female; 2nd in age group)

Half Marathon
Andrew Van Hoogenstyn: 1:12.32 (17th overall; 2nd in age group)
Alex Hershman: 1:13.07 (20th overall; 6th in age group)
Kinjal Parikh: 1:22.41 (93rd overall; 12th female; 7th in age group)
Catherine Campbell: 1:27.08 (160th overall; 22nd female; 11th in age group)

Paul Matuszak: 2:25.06 (11th overall; 6th in age group; 2nd Philadelphian; 1st Philadelphian “Born & Raised”
Mike Vido: 2:34.47 (32nd overall; 9th in age group)
Sam Coates-Finke: 2:35.31 (35th overall; 3rd in age group)
Breandan Lyman: 2:36.52 (40th overall; 11th in age group)
Margaret Vido: 2:44.54 (73rd overall; 8th female; 6th in age group)
Liz Novack: 2:58.02 (214th overall; 20th female; 3rd in age group)
Jason Vail: 3:05.37 (382nd overall; 38th in age group)
Zandra Walton: 3:07.26 (415th overall; 48th female; 20th in age group)
Samantha Sloan: 3:31.17 (1,336 overall; 268th female; 45th in age group)

PRTC Holiday Party / Annual Awards
This year, we’re putting on a holiday party to celebrate the close of 2016 and some great running results. We’ll be handing out club awards and are looking forward to a fun night. All friends welcome to join in the celebration!

When: December 17th
Where: Dynise has kindly offered to host (address to come later)
The Awards: (Male & Female) Most Injured, Most Valuable and Most Improved
What to Bring: This will be a potluck. Please bring your favorite food/drink to share with the team. Eggnog encouraged!
Workouts & Upcoming Races
Tuesday: Franklin Field at 6:15 PM. Enter through Brysi Cafe. Workout starts at 6:30 PM. Women: 1 mile at 10k, 3-5 minute rest, 4×200 w/ :30 rest, 3-5 min rest, 1 mile @ 5k 3-5 min rest 4×20 w/ :30 rest Men: TBD at track. Note: Alternative workouts available through Penn Running Club and TBD PRTC groups.

Thursday: Thanksgiving. Run a turkey trot! Gobble Gobble.

Sunday: Long Run: 8:30 AM at Lloyd Hall.

Saturday, December 10 – USATF Club XC (Tallahassee, FL)

Social Media Post of the Week

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