PRTC Weekly: 10/10/2016 (USATF Mid-Atlantic Recap, DE Distance Classic/USATF Request and More)

USATF Mid-Atlantic XC Champs Recap
PRTC’s women’s team took home gold this past Saturday at USATF Mid-Atlantic XC Championships (Belmont Plateau). With a late start (12:15), the race began as early signs of Hurricane Matthew began to manifest in the Philadelphia region. Fortunately, this came in the form of pleasant light rain (helping slightly with humidity). Going into the race, Keystone Track Club looked to be PRTC’s main competitor for taking the Mid-Atlantic title (and the $500 awarded to the winning team for Club XC Nationals travel). With Keystone’s imposing roster, and multiple top PRTC runners unavailable, the women appeared to have their work cut out for them. However, at the start line, it was noted that Keystone only had 4 runners, one short of the necessary 5 to field a full team. Despite this, the women treated the race as if they were up against a full team and brought home a well deserved win.
Margaret, taking the lead from the start of the race, placed first overall with a time of 21:57. She beat out Keystone Track Club’s talented top women by several seconds at the line. Jamie was next to cross and placed 3rd overall with a time of 23:43. Zandra was 3rd in for PRTC and placed 16th overall. Samantha, in her debut with PRTC, opened with a 25:57 and counted as 4th. Ashton rounded out the scoring (PRTC with 73 points, placing as 2nd best team behind Philly Univ. and 1st USATF club) as 5th club member in and 31st overall. Aliah, also in her PRTC debut (and wearing 10 year old XC spikes!), made a welcome return to club racing. She previously raced with Penn State’s club and appears ready to continue making strong progress towards ideal racing shape. Brittany counted for PRTC’s 7th position and finished with a time of 29:40.
As for the men, Keystone Track Club bested PRTC 29 – 45. Despite the tough loss, all members of PRTC fought valiantly. Paul, post some extra Saturday morning office hours, was first in for PRTC. He placed 2nd in 27:10. He appears to be set up nicely for next month’s Philadelphia Marathon. Chris took 3rd overall crossing the line just a few steps after Paul. He ran 27:14. This performance was a very encouraging result for Chris as it is becoming clearer that his training efforts are (and will likely continue) paying off for an exciting season. Mike was 3rd in for PRTC (7th overall) and broke up a fast pack of Keystone Track Club runners. As Mike was lacing up his spikes for the first time in many months, it’s clear he feels at home out on the XC course. Pat and Kevin rounded up the top 5 for the club with times of 28:32 and 28:37. With several Keystone guys to chase, both worked hard for the entirety of the race. Jack was 6th man and showed marked racing improvement by logging a 29:31. This time equates favorably to his 5k performance on the same course earlier this season. Lastly, Geraint took one for the team and came out to this XC race despite battling his IT band. Geraint crossed the line just a few seconds after Jack. Although the men missed out on the Mid-Atlantic title, they are already looking forward to a rematch with Keystone Track Club at USATF Club XC Nationals this December. Congratulations to Keystone and all who came out for PRTC!
Women’s 6k
Margaret Vido: 21:57 (1st)
Jamie Morgenstern: 23:43 (3rd)
Zandra Walton: 25:26 (16th)
Samantha Sloan: 25:57 (22nd)
Ashton Hughes: 26:25 (31st)
Aliah Molczan: 27:14 (45th)
Brittany Tschaen: 29:40 (66th)
Men’s 8k
Paul Matuszak: 27:10 (2nd)
Chris Mateer: 27:14 (3rd)
Mike Vido: 27:53 (7th)
Pat McLaughlin: 28:32 (15th)
Kevin Brandon: 28:37 (18th)
Jack Denison: 29:31 (25th)
Geraint Davies: 29:35 (26th)
Full results here.
DE Distance Classic / USATF Request

Kevin (writing this section) was the sole PRTC participant in this year’s Delaware Distance Classic (15k). Although the club originally planned to send a full team to this USATF Grand Prix Event, it was determined that it’d be best to use our second skip (out of 2 allowable) for the series. We’ll still score fully and will hope to place well within the series.

For all who missed the race, it can be reported that running a 15k the day after an 8k at Belmont Plateau is a difficult task. It can also be said that although Delaware City appears to be a cool town, conditions were not right to enjoy it. Rain, high wind and low temperatures made for a very chilly race. My verdict: a wise day to skip! However, at the race, I was able to speak with several people who are involved with USATF. They asked me to share the following:

USATF Request: The Mid-Atlantic Long Distance Running Committee is looking for committee members. This committee determines the schedule for the Grand Prix race series. They also allocate club travel grants and manage finances as appropriate. The “LDR” is looking to bring on “younger blood” to give a larger voice to competitive post-college athletes in our region.

It’d be fantastic if PRTC were able to gain representation on the committee. It sounds as if they are serious about making a some changes that’d benefit us as a club. For example, it was mentioned that they are interested in replacing the slower races on the Grand Prix calendar with events more like the Adrenaline 5k (prize money & fast field). Please send Kevin an email on this subject if you’d like to learn more.

More Race Results

Colin Leak and Bjorn Wastvedt both raced the Army Ten Miler this weekend in Washington D.C. Colin placed 9th overall and completed the course in a very fast time of 50:12. Bjorn also raced well. He placed 25th in his age group and 62nd overall with a time of 55:06.

Congratulations are also in order for Sam Roecker who won the Mohawk Hudson River Half Marathon! She set a new half marathon PR at 1:18:09.



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