PRTC Weekly: 10/03/2016 (Paul Short Recap, Double Race Weekend and More)

Paul Short Recap

PRTC took on the Paul Short Invitational at Lehigh University this past Saturday. All members performed well in what turned out to be near-perfect weather day for this classic cross country invitational.

In the first race, the open men’s participants were given the honor of breaking in the course. Drier than expected and untouched by previous races, the men took full advantage of conditions. The large field tore quickly through the first mile. Kevin, taking a cautious start, enjoyed moving up in the field continuously throughout the race as less experienced runners were unable to maintain their pace. He finished in a time of 26:27 indicating a possible end to a recent months long slump. Jack, excited to take on the field as well as several fellow Allegheny College alumni was next in for PRTC. He finished in a time of 28:06 and just managed to outkick several former teammates. Will, new to PRTC workouts, followed shortly after in a time of 28:14. This performance just about matched his time from the invite last year (as a member of Villanova University Running Club), and came with less conditioning. Surely a promising sign for the season to come!

The women’s open results again displayed PRTC’s strong club roster. With confidence, Sam set the tone for the race and took a place among the lead women. She placed 7th overall in the field of over 400. Sam finished in a time of 20:53. This result speaks well of her conditioning and would earn her a place among any of the meet’s top performing college teams. Megan was next in with a time of 21:48. She placed 24th after working up to a strong position within the field by the mile marker. Jamie and Kinjal came in closely together with respective times of 22:32 and 22:37. Jamie muscled through the somewhat foreign territory of XC and looked strong through her finish. Kinjal was pleased to make a successful return to Paul Short and earn a quick XC result. Rounding out the team,  Ashton was satisfied to discover that her pre-season fitness was stronger than expected.
Men’s Open 8k
Kevin Brandon: 26:27 (141st)
Jack Denison: 28:06 (324th)
Will Landis: 28:14 (337th)
* Field of 503
Women’s Open 6k
Sam Roecker: 20:53 (7th)
Meghan Bishop: 21:48 (24th)
Jamie Morgenstern: 22:32 (58th)
Kinjal Parikh: 22:37 (62nd)
Ashton Hughes: 24:32 (208th)
* Field of 405
Full results here.
Upcoming Races
We have a full calendar this coming weekend. As a club, our main focus is Saturday’s event, USATF Mid-Atlantic XC Championships. This meet is used to award travel grants for USATF XC Nationals. We’ll need to put together the strongest men and women’s teams possible (5 score) to fend off challengers and secure the title/grants. Please reply to men’s or women’s email threads if you are able to attend.
The secondary race is on Sunday. This is the Delaware Distance Classic (15k) and part of the Grand Prix Challenge. Placing high in the challenge also reaps a monetary prize for the club. The challenge allows each club to skip two of the races in the series. We’ve missed one so far and can afford one other. However, it seems like we’ll be able to field a full team for Delaware. If we’re able to run this event and and each remaining race, we’ll be able to waive our lowest score and in a better position to do well in the series.
Jack St. Clair Memorial 6k/8k (USATF Mid-Atlantic XC Championships)
When: Saturday 10/08/16. Women at 12:15 PM. Men at 1:15 PM.
Where: Belmont Plateau
Sign up: Here. Price is $20.
Delaware Distance Classic (15k)
When: Sunday 10/09/16 at 9 AM.
Where: Delaware City, DE
Sign up: Here. Price is $35.
Important: Please be sure to  register   with USATF if participating in either of these races. To score, a runner must be USATF registered. We are club # 008-0082.


Tuesday: Franklin Field at 6:15 PM. Enter through Brysi Cafe. Workout will start at 6:30 PM. Women: 4-6 x 200, 200, 400 with full rest OR 6 x mile with 1 minute rest. Men: 6 x 1k followed by 2-4 400’s. Lap recovery between each rep. Other: Workouts options also available through Penn Running Club and alternative PRTC groups.

Saturday: USATF Mid-Atlantic Championships. Belmont Plateau. Women: 12:15 PM. Men: 1:15 PM.

Sunday: Delaware Distance Classic (15K) at 9 AM. Delaware City, DE.

Long Run: 8:30 AM at Lloyd Hall. Check with email lists/members before coming out. Much of the club may be racing or recovering from Saturday.

Miscellaneous: Join the men’s, women’s, easy runs or social email list(s) for info about unofficial club runs/meetups.


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