PRTC Weekly: 09/11/2016 (Return to Franklin Field, Quad XC Results and More

We officially kick off our fall workout season this week at Penn’s historic Franklin Field. Come join us Tuesday night at 6:15 PM as we continue our tradition of supporting local runners through facilitating positive team workouts. We’re looking forward to having everyone practice in the same place again as well as forming new pace groups and friendships over the upcoming season!

Moving on to upcoming races, the Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon is coming to town! Thecourse is favorable for those seeking quick times and will attract many talented runners (including a few of our own!). If you’re able, take some time to check out the race as it makes for great spectating. Start time is 7:30 AM on Sunday. For more on upcoming club races, reference our race calendar.

Potential members: If you’d like to sign up for the club, register with us through USATF. It’s just $30 and well worth the cost. As a member, you’ll be eligible to score for us in Mid-Atlantic Grand Prix events and compete at USATF XC races. In return, you’ll be on the official PRTC roster and eligible for waived entry fees for select races as well as other perks. Our club number is 82.

Bryn Mawr Quad XC 5k Recap

PRTC performed well at the Quad XC 5k race this past Saturday. With weather reminiscent to Mayor’s Cup, we are happy to report that although the men and women both walked away with 2nd place, we mounted a challenge to the race’s perennial team favorite, Bryn Mawr, for overall winner. Note: top three runners on each team scored (XC style).

Paul Matuszak led the way for the men’s team gunning for the top two Bryn Mawr runners from the very start of the race. Paul ultimately finished 3rd in a time of 16:55 a few seconds behind Daryl Brown and a bit further behind Eric Arnold. Jack Denison was 2nd to the line for PRTC. A strong showing, especially considering that this was his first race since Broad Street last May. Jack finished with a time of 18:01. Next across the tape was Bjorn Wastvedt with an 18:14. Bjorn is a visiting graduate student of Philosophy at Penn this semester and we’re really happy to have him on board for the season. Bjorn showed his dedication to club running by biking over 10 miles to the 5k course and achieving a strong race result. Kevin Brandon provided the potential displacing point by finishing 6th, but ahead of Bryn Mawr’s 3rd runner. Men’s team results: Bryn Mawr placed 1, 2 and 7. They accumulated 9 points. PRTC placed 3, 4, 5 and 6 and collected 12 points.

The women’s side of the team had an impressive juvie turnout, with 3 runners on the team who have joined within the last 2 weeks, for all of whom this was their PRTC debut. On another blisteringly hot Belmont morning, Sam R. (Juvie #1) held back the urge to go out with the blistering pace initially set by Katie O’Reagen of Bryn Mawr. Sam shortly closed the gap Katie created towards the end of the first mile, and finished second overall in 18:58, narrowly missing the leader (Bogdana Mimic of Bryn Mawr, 18:55). Jamie gradually worked through the remaining Bryn Mawr girls (who need to work on their hills!), passing Kelley Riffenburgh up Parachute and Katie O’Reagen up Nursery to finish in 3rd in 19:55. Kylie, toughing it through the heat and coming back from a tough bout of food poisoning, finished strong in 21:09 in 7th place. Emma and Ashton (Juvies #2 and #3), finished in what appears in the official (highly accurate) results to be a tie for 12th, finished with chip times of 22:36 and 22:40, respectively. Overall, the women were beaten narrowly by Bryn Mawr, whose score of 10 bested our women by a single point. Overall, this was an impressive showing for our women’s team at the first cross country meet t̶h̶i̶s̶ ̶d̶e̶c̶a̶d̶e̶ ̶f̶o̶r̶ ̶s̶o̶m̶e̶ of the season, and with our full roster available expect to see excellent results at Paul Short!

Upcoming Workouts

Tuesday: Franklin Field at 6:15 PM. Enter through Brysi Cafe. Workout will start at 6:30 PM. Men: 6-8 x 1000 with 1 lap rest. Women: 6-8 x 800 with 2-3 minutes rest. Bonus: Join the PRTC women after at Big Gay Ice Cream for a post-workout treat!

Thursday: Lloyd Hall at 6:30 PM. Women: 10 x 400 at mile pace with equal rest or VO2 of choice.

Sunday: Long run from Lloyd Hall at 8:30 AM.

Social Media Post of the Week

Congratulations to Aliah Molczan for winning our new weekly social media contest! Aliah captured this Instagram shot (#nofilter) last week during a Schuylkill River Trail sunset bike ride / run with fellow PRTC members Kevin Brandon and Charlie Murphy.

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