PRTC Weekly: 08/22/2016 Philly 10k Info and Social Media Request

Next Up: Philly 10k

August 28th is the Philly 10k. This a fun race, put on by our favorite running store: Philadelphia Runner! PRTC will be well-represented by several men and women members. Post-race, there will be a vendor’s village and award ceremony.

The race kicks off at 7:30 AM and is designed to showcase South Philly. This year, PRTC will focus on staying on course. We’ll also hope to place some runners on the podium. Prize money of $250 for 1st, $150 for 2nd and $75 for 3rd heightens the stakes. Additionally, each age group winner will receive a $25 gift card to Philadelphia Runner.

Not running? Come cheer us on and enjoy the vendor’s village! Want to get involved? Contact Kevin for info on volunteering at one of the race’s water stations.

Social Media Request
Our social media game has improved remarkably in recent days. This is in thanks to our fantastic new Communications Director, Dynise Balcavage! We’ve branched out from Facebook and have added Twitter and Instagram to our repertoire. Please help us out and like us, follow us or do whatever it is people on Instagram do. Invite your friends and family! The larger our online presence, the more runners and potential members we can reach out to.

After you’ve begun following us online, interact with the accounts. Tweet at us and post on Facebook or Instagram and tag us in the process. Have bulk photos to upload or prefer Dynise take the lead on linking your photos to our social media? Jamie kindly set up a page for that. No need to be camera shy, take it from Dynise:

(It’d be great if members could), “sporadically take photos before or after their runs. Doesn’t have to be every time. Doesn’t have to be selfie. Doesn’t even have to be of the runners… for example, can be a cool landscape, city scape or something unusual they see on their runs. Or just sneakers/legs. Or a still life with water bottle, sneaks, towel, etc. You get the picture (pun intended). Everyone should do what they are comfortable doing – and their personalities will shine through in the photos.

It’d also be super-helpful for me if whomever posts photos also labels them (with names of runners/locations) and a brief description so I can write an appropriate caption, eg. “Kevin and Charlie ran into this ginormous black bear while rocking some mile intervals on Forbidden Drive this morning. #FastestMileEver”

Weekly Workouts / Events
Tuesday: Lloyd Hall at 6:30 PM, Men will likely do a fartlek. Women: fartlek or intervals at 6-8×800 at 5k pace.

Wednesday: Storytelling Under the Stars: Runners Edition. At 7PM City Tap House U-City presents a night of storytelling from the likes of Christopher McDougall (author of Born to Run), Jen A. Miller (Philadelphia Inquirer) and Jon Lyons (Run215 founder).

Thursday: All City Summer Beer Run! Paul alerted us to this fun sounding event. He plans to attend and gather a PRTC group. The run ends at Yard’s Brewing Company on the Delaware River at 7:30pm. Contact Paul for more info if interested.

Friday: Bibs and Beers Packet Pickup for the Philly 10k from 4-9 PM.

Sunday: Philly 10k at 7:30 AM OR Sunday long run from Lloyd Hall at 8:30 AM. Before coming out to the long run be sure to check in with one of our regular long-runners to confirm a group will be there.