PRTC Weekly: 08/15/2016 (Mayor’s Cup Win, Election Results and Weekly Workouts

Mayor’s Cup Win
Congratulations to all those who participated in this year’s Mayor’s Cup. PRTC claimed first overall by a margin of 17 points! The men and women’s teams also both qualified for wins in their respective divisions (but alas!, no double dipping). Special thanks as well to all who helped us along the way by cheering, drinking and enjoying the day’s events. Check out results here.

Race highlights included:

Kinjal, Dynise and Chris’ PRTC debuts
Geraint surviving a blow to the head by a low hanging branch during the 10k
Breandan and Lauren both staying on their feet and on course during the trail half-marathon
First place performances by Paul, Justin, Charlie, Chris, Kinjal, Liz and Kylie
Hanging out with Breakaway, Bucknell Running Club and Team Philly among other clubs post-race
All participants completing their races safely despite apocalypitic level heat/humidity (possible exception of Tim’s leg cramp)
Nabil’s strawberry ice cream
Election Results
Thanks to all those who voted in our recent election! The results are as follows:

President: Kevin Brandon
Treasurer: Justin Simard
Communications Director: Dynise Balcavage
Women’s Director: Kylie Pierce
Men’s Director: Charlie Murphy
We’re excited for the upcoming year and have already had a first meeting. We’re looking forward to establishing a small budget, new men’s uniforms, an improved social media presence and growing both the men and women’s rosters.

Weekly Workouts / Events
Tuesday: Lloyd Hall at 6:30 PM. Men: River loop as a progression run. Start off easy and work down to a tempo pace or a bit faster. Women: Mile reps at half-marathon pace with short (1 minute) rest.

Friday: Possible track work for men.

Sunday: Long run from Lloyd Hall. 8:30 AM.

All week: Be sure to stay tuned to the various email groups for more info on weekly runs and workouts. Also, OLYMPICS. Check out the easy run email list for information about olympic watch parties this week for various races.

Final Thoughts
Olympic track finally arrived this week! So far, I’ve enjoyed watching Usain Bolt continue his domination of the 100m, a new world record in the men’s 400m, the chaotic men’s 10k and an exciting women’s marathon.

For those keeping tabs, the new men’s 400m record is 43.03. Wayde van Niekerk beat Michael Johnson’s 17 year-old record by 0.15 seconds. This is tremendously impressive. At the same time, I feel we should all take a moment and reflect upon the phenomenon that is Michael Phelps. Last week, he won his 12th individual olympic title which officially broke a 2,168 year-old record held by Leonidas of Rhodes (set in 152 BC).