PRTC Weekly (06/23/2016): Club Nationals Preview, and Gear up for Mayor’s Cup!


·         PRTC members set to compete at Club Track Nationals held in Philadelphia (Franklin Field) on Saturday, June 25

·         All club member event to take place at Mayor’s Cup at Belmont Plateau on Saturday, August 13

·         Jessica leaves for Wisconsin in a few days, run with her one last time in 2016 on this Sunday’s long run!

June 25: Club Track and Field Nationals

Franklin Field Plays Host to National Event

This coming Saturday, June 25th, the national track and field event for club teams is taking place in Philadelphia’s own Franklin Field. The meet will feature some significant talent coming into the city as many East coast athletes prepare with a final tune-up in advance of the Olympic Track and Field Trials.

 The majority of the PRTC contingent is competing in the 5,000m at noon. Charlie Murphy leads the charge as he has maintained his spring fitness to continue racing into the summer. Having run 14:33 PR last spring and 14:46 earlier this year, Charlie has potential to place very well at this meet and even threaten his PR. Fellow sub-15 runners Kevin Brandon and Paul Matuszak but will be focusing on a solid effort opposed to a PR as both have just recently begun their summer training. Penn student Chris Hendry is also entered and looks to lower his 15:33 PR set earlier this year (already over a minute faster than his PR from last year).

Other participants include Alex Hershman who will be making his PRTC debut in the 10,000m and hopes to dip below 33 minutes. Nick McGreivy will also be competing in the….get this…HIGH JUMP (WE HAVE A HIGH JUMPER). Nick has been looking good in practice and the question now becomes how many inches above 6 feet is he able to clear.

 We highly recommend coming to check out this meet to not only cheer on your friends/teammates, but to catch the elite action that will be on display from some of the nation’s top athletes (including BMRC’s Kent who could be in the running for an Olympic Trials qualifier in the 3000m steeplechase).

August 13: Mayor’s Cup


The only thing coming between PRTC and winning the Mayor’s Cup is a failure to field a team. For those unfamiliar with the event, you can find out all of the details here:

 Essentially, we need to put at least 1 man and 1 woman in each of the 5 races. The races include a 10 and 5 mile road race, 10K and HM trail races and 5K cross country race. Before signing up, our request is to please let me, Paul, know which race you prefer to run along with a “back-up” so we can try to make sure we are evenly distributed across all of the events.

 This event doubles as our first official “all club member” meeting. After the races, we’ll probably talk “meeting nonsense” for approximately 15 minutes to talk through our relationship with the store and Puma as well as the club’s plan for the remainder or the year in regards to the Mid-Atlantic Grand Prix and Cross Country Season (which ultimately ends in December in Florida for Club XC Nationals).

 If you are free this day, we also recommend planning to stick around as all of the 30+ clubs participating bring food, drinks and tents to socialize and hang. PRTC will be fully stocked with beer and food.

 So, please consider signing-up or volunteering if you are in town – I beg this of you.

 Upcoming Races


·         To resume in October 2016


Races in bold are events PRTC will be attending in larger numbers, but all races below are fun and/or competitive events.

·         Thursday(s), June 9: Bryn Mawr Midsummer 5K road race series

o   Round 2 on Thursday, July 14

o   Round 3 on Thursday, August 11

·         Tuesday(s), June 14: Germantown Academy All-Comers Track Series

o   Round 2 on Tuesday, June 21

o   Round 3 on Tuesday, July 5

o   Round 4 on Tuesday, July 12

·         Saturday, June 25: Club Track Nationals at Franklin Field* (individuals and relays)

·         Saturday, August 13: Philadelphia Mayor’s Cup at Belmont Plateau

·         Sunday, August 28: PHILLY 10K

 *Qualifying standards are or may be required

 PRTC Runs

 Long run is back up and running on a normal schedule! Come to Lloyd Hall on Sunday at 8:30am. This coming Sunday will be Jessica’s last run in Philadelphia prior to her relocation to Wisconsin for the next year. Come out and run with Jessica for one last time in 2016!

 Tuesday workouts will be somewhat scarce while much of the group is either taking down time or just coming back from downtime. Franklin Field will also be hit-or-miss during the next couple of weeks. Therefore we will opt to begin Tuesday sessions at roughly 6:30pm at Lloyd Hall for the time being. Make sure to communicate on the men’s and women’s track email lists to see what others are doing.

 NEW GROUP RUN: Wednesday Morning at 6:30am at the top of the ramp on the South Street Bridge. Have some company to log some easy miles the day after your workout.

Club Results

Andrew and Paul came in 2nd and 3rd, respectively, in Sunday’s Gary Papa 10K. Actually, they ran significantly less than 10K since race officials turned the entire field around too early on MLK Drive. After finishing in 30:33, the two decided to hammer once last small loop post-race around Eakins Oval to surpass 6 miles in total distance. In total, they ran a little over 6 miles in 5:21 pace.

Race results note: unfortunately, the email team isn’t that great at stalking the internet for results. So please send us your results or let us know when you are racing!

 Final Thoughts

·         I was home from a 13 mile run before 7:30am today, my kid is in a swing listening to some weird children songs, and my cat is sleeping on my work bag – which I’ll need to get back to shortly to prepare for an abundance of client deliverables. I may have just turned 30, but I’m a far older man than my age insists.