PRTC Weekly 06/06/16: Grad Prix/Paul and Meg had a Baby/Goodbye Run for Haylie and Hoogie/Summer and Fall Race Suggestion


·        Continual (non-age-graded) domination of Grand Prix

·        Fall Grand Prix Races For Planning 

·        Hayley and Hoobs’ farewell run

·        Mayor’s Cup: All Hands on Deck August 13 for racing and an all-club meeting!

                    Moorestown 8k

Solid Post-Season performances

Our team put together an impressive age-graded performance, with a total score of 397.687 for the top 5 runners. Margaret, coming back after some time off from a touchy knee, led the charge for age-graded points and won the women’s side overall with a dazzling time of 28:53 in the heat. Kylie, in her PRTC debut and her second race of length more than 5k in her life, posted an impressive time of 31:25.1 for 7th place.

On the mens’ side, Kevin beat the heat for second overall with an impressive time of 26:36.5, followed quickly by Hoogie in 3rd with a time of 26:39 in his most recent race after he was sidelined earlier in the season with an injured back. Big G showed strength out of peak with a solid 27:13.7 for 6th, followed by a tight 7th place finish for Mike V. in 27:27.2.

Despite our incredible domination in overall finish position, this was only enough to clinch 4th place in the team competition that day, though we lost out on first place by less than 10 points total, with the totals of those teams which beat us being: Pike Creek Valley Running Club 406.387, Athena Track Club 405.82, Greater Philly TC 401.459. Our competition seems to have wisened to the optimal strategy for the standard Grand Prix scoring: every one of the teams which beat us had their entire scoring team comprised of runners older than the oldest one of our runners. Only one of these runners was under 40, and only 4 were under 50. 

On the upside, we still have a bunch of races left remaining in the challenge when it comes to:

Fall Grand Prix

Put these on your calendar! We are neck-in-neck with the competition and we need you!!!

There will be a pause in the Grand Prix Racing Series until the fall, but we’ll be back at it (with reminders aplenty) starting in September.  If you would like a comped entry to Philly Marathon weekend, please compete in at least one of the (other) Fall Grand Prix races:

Delaware Distance Classic – 15K

October 9, 2016


Penn Medicine Radnor Run 5 Mile

October 30, 2016


Norcross-Cooper Bridge Challenge 10K

November 6, 2016


Rothman Institute 8K

November 19, 2016


Philadelphia Marathon

November 20, 2016


Philadelphia Half Marathon

November 20, 2016


Hayley and Andrew -> CT 

But we’ll send them off in style (that’s PA talk for “with beer”)


We’ll meet up Thursday, June 16 at 6:30pm at 7th and Bainbridge. We will be joining Fishtown Beer Runners at 7:00pm at 7th/bain for their run to a bar. But, always needing to one-up any other team we can, we’ll log 30 minutes before hand to add extra miles. This will be a send off to Andrew and Haley before they move. 

Paul and Meg had a baby!

(I’m assuming Paul will respond with a photo/ more complete bio he has cleared for club consumption)

 9:56am on friday. 9lbs12oz; 21.5 in. loves elephants, clouds, oddly measured feeding (e.g., 2.2 ounces of food), and non-flat sleeping surfaces. he prefers to be a sprinter opposed to distance runner since he can become more famous that way with less effort.

June 25 Club Track Nationals 

At Franklin field. Please email Jamie/Kevin for more details.

Regularly Scheduled Programming

Come run with friends

Tuesday night speedwork at 6:30 PM at Lloyd Hall

Wednesday easy run 6:30 AM South Street Bridge

Sunday morning long run at 8:30 AM at Lloyd Hall

 Upcoming Races


Races in bold are events PRTC will be attending in larger numbers, but all races below are fun and/or competitive events.

This will be fleshed out in coming weeks, but here is a smattering of races to choose amongst in months to come:


2. Grand Prix events for the fall.  Note: to receive free seeded entry into Philly Marathon Weekend events, team members should run one of the three preceding Fall Grand Prix events (Deleware, Radnor, or Bridge). We might win this thing, if we keep up our attendance!
Delaware Distance Classic – 15K October 9, 20169:00am
Penn Medicine Radnor Run 5 Mile October 30, 20168:30am
Norcross-Cooper Bridge Challenge 10K November 6, 20168:30am
Rothman Institute 8K November 19, 20167:30am
Philadelphia Marathon November 20, 20167:00am
Philadelphia Half Marathon November 20, 20167:00am

Notes: The 3 races of 8k/half/full can essentially be treated as one mega-race, where we get up to 3 teams out of the top 15 finishes from any of the 3 races.

3. Cross Country

– Greater Philadelphia 5K XC Challenge Fort Washington, PA, 5000 m, 8/2/16

– Belmont Classic TBD 

– Bryn Mawr Quad XC 9/10

– Mid-Atlantic Championships: Men’s and Women’s Open CC Champs, Saturday October 8, 2016 –Belmont Plateau

– Paul Short XC meet 10/1

– TRA Youth Open Master Cross Country Meet Greensburg, PA, 10/29/16
– Delaware Open XC Championship 5K – 11/26

– Club Nationals in Tallahassee, FL on 12/10 

4. Odds n Ends
– Gary Papa 5k: Father’s Day
– The Philly 10k [SOLD OUT, but we can get you in! Email Jamie/Paul/Kevin for deets]  8/28
– Philly Rock n Roll half 9/18
– Washington Crossing 15K Washington Crossing, PA15 km. 8/13/16
– Some fun trail runs, to get your mind off times during the hot summer months:
—Double Trouble 15K Trail Run – July 10
—On The Rocks Trail Run 15K/30K/45K York, PA, 7/23/16
—Radnor Red 5K Steeplechase – August 21
—Evansburg Challenge 10 Mi – October 16

Final Thoughts

·         The writer of this email requests of you input on putting together a playlist for a (keg?) party she will be hosting for her 10 year high school reunion.