PRTC Weekly (05/17/16): Help PRTC Close Out 1st Half of Grand Prix

THE Sporadic EMAIL

A Plea for Your Participation (this is where an emoji of the face of a sad dog would be placed)


·     Plea #1: Sign up for the MAUSATF Grand Prix event on June 4th (8K just across the bridge in NJ)

·     Plea #2: Volunteer to help out at the Philly 10K on August 28th

·         Summer racing schedule is beginning to take form; both on the track and on the roads

·         PRTC and friends compete at Swarthmore College Last Chance Meet

June 4: Scott Coffee 8K

MAUSATF Grand Prix on Saturday, June 4 in New Jersey

Moorestown, NY plays host to the final MAUSATF Grand Prix event until October. PRTC is deadlocked in a tie for first place in the team standings. To keep up with our momentum, we need all hands on deck to end the first half of the season in a good spot. 

Please reach out to Margaret Vido (race captain) or Paul Matuszak if you are interested in racing. Consider signing up and competing in this race as your good deed of the month. Imagine that, get your monthly good deed out of the way on June 4 and be a total jerk the next 26 days. 

Philly 10K

Sign-up or Volunteer!

If you wish to sign-up for the Philly 10K, the store is providing the club with a discount code for 40% off registration. Send Paul Matuszak a note if you would like the code to register! The race is on Sunday, August 28th. It’s a very unique race held in the heart of the city (at least my heart). So join the fun… 

OR DON’T. Don’t sign up, and volunteer to help out instead. Seriously, another Sunday race?! That means you need to behave on both Friday and Saturday. If you are a Mon – Fri worker, sometimes you just want to unwind and would rather show up in South Philly on a Sunday morning at 7am wreaking of booze handing out finisher medals opposed to racing hungover. Plus, while a 40% discount is nice, the offer of all volunteers being able to dump a gallon of milk over my head is still on the table. That is priceless. PRICELESS.

So, please consider signing-up or volunteering if you are in town – I beg this of you. 

Swarthmore Last Chance

Monday Evening Track Meet Results

A number of PRTC and friends competed at Swarthmore College’s Last Chance Meet in Monday evening (May 16). The highlights of the meet were littered with a number of performances from top US distance running including David Torrence’s win in a blanket finish 1500m in 3:36.06 (paced by NZ’s Nick Willis), Penn’s Thomas Awad placing 5th in the 1500m in 3:37.75, Ajee Wilson’s 2:02.60 win over West Catholic alum LaTavia Thomas (2:03.94), and Kate Murphy’s narrow victory of Marielle Hall (4:14.26 to 4:14.29).

For people you actually train and run with, the highlights are as follows:

·         Kent (BMRC) had a monster race in the 3,000m steeplechase. He ended up winning the race in 8:45 which was his fastest time since 2012 (8:40 PR). Another big effort in a slightly faster race in the next couple of weeks may put him in a position to qualify for USAs this summer.

·         For the first time since 2007, Paul broke 15 minutes for the 5,000m. This was billed as a “desperation sub-15 attempt” as it was his last chance to do so prior to the birth of his child. By clocking a 14:59, he can now transition to marathon training full-time knowing that he was finally able to match a performance that the “POS 20-year old punk version of himself” put up 9 years ago.

·         Chris (BRMC) also had a big performance in the 5,000m by clocking 15:23 (and nearly winning his heat). The result is approximately 20 seconds faster than he’s put up the past two years and places him in good position for the rest of his summer racing plans.

·         Steve, a member of the “PRCT Old Brigade” Steve who is also officially but maybe not officially out of retirement, hopped on the track for just the second time in 16 years. After running 15:48 in mid-April, he followed-up with a 15:39!

·         Alex (UNATT) posted a sub-16 clocking in 15:52 which is a few ticks faster than he was hoping for.   

Please reach out to Margaret Vido (race captain) or Paul Matuszak if you are interested in racing. Consider signing up and competing in this race as your good deed of the month. Imagine that, get your monthly good deed out of the way on June 4 and be a total jerk the next 26 days. 

Upcoming Races


·         Scott Coffee Moorestown Rotary 8K on June 4: Race captain Margaret Vido


Races in bold are events PRTC will be attending in larger numbers, but all races below are fun and/or competitive events.

·         Friday, June 3: PA Distance Festival at Henderson High School’s Track

·         Sunday, June 5: USATF Mid-Atlantic Track Championships at Widener University

·         Thursday(s), June 9: Bryn Mawr Midsummer 5K road race series

o   Round 2 on Thursday, July 14

o   Round 3 on Thursday, August 11

·         Tuesday(s), June 14: Germantown Academy All-Comers Track Series

o   Round 2 on Tuesday, June 21

o   Round 3 on Tuesday, July 5

o   Round 4 on Tuesday, July 12

·         Saturday, June 25: Club Track Nationals at Franklin Field* (individuals and relays)

·         Saturday, August 13: Philadelphia Mayor’s Cup at Belmont Plateau

·         Sunday, August 28: PHILLY 10K

*Qualifying standards are or may be required 


Long run is back up and running on a normal schedule! Come to Lloyd Hall on Sunday at 8:30am. 

Tuesday workouts will be somewhat scarce while much of the group is either taking down time or just coming back from downtime. Franklin Field will also be hit-or-miss during the next couple of weeks. Therefore we will opt to begin Tuesday sessions at roughly 6:30pm at Lloyd Hall for the time being. Make sure to communicate on the men’s and women’s track email lists to see what others are doing. May 17 may be on the lighter side for the men given that many are still recovering from down time, recovering from injury, or coming off a Monday evening race. 

NEW GROUP RUN: Wednesday Morning at 6:30am at the top of the ramp on the South Street Bridge. Have some company to log some easy miles the day after your workout. 

Make sure to communicate on the new men’s and women’s track/workout based email sub-groups. The men have been meeting pretty regularly on Friday evenings.

Want company during other runs over the course of the week? Be sure to stay active on the new “easy run” email sub-group.  

Club Results

What did I miss outside of Swarthmore?

Race results note: unfortunately, the email team isn’t that great at stalking the internet for results. So please send us your results or let us know when you are racing! 

Final Thoughts

        REALLY ripe mangoes are the bomb, but cutting them gets really sloppy. If you have some recommendations on how to cut a mango like a real adult without getting mango juice all over the place, please share and your feedback will be included in next week’s email.

·         I could write a million weekly emails in a row if I can listen to Vin Scully announce baseball games on repeat.

·         You know the scene in Anchor Man where Will Ferrell will read anything from the prompt and says some awful things? I could be set-up very similar to Will on the member spotlight section. I really want to go to bed, so I didn’t proof read it this week (I don’t on most other weeks either). I actually read that section after I send it because then it’s too late to make changes (and less changes results in less work). So if there are any subliminal messages or down right offensive sentences, please don’t get mad at me because it would be a set-up! Now, go —- yourself San Diego Philadelphia.