PRTC Weekly (04/04/16): Kick off of track season!

Miscellaneous Track Updates
This week’s edition of the email is a little light as there is a perfect combination of (1) not too much immediately going on in the Philadelphia running community and (2) way too much going on in the world of the editor of this email (it’s “get the baby’s room ready” week at my household)
· Franklin Field access is back for this Tuesday’s working.
· For those qualifying or on the cusp of qualifying for the Olympic Development heats at the Penn Relays, reach out to Charlie Murphy for registration information.
· In an effort to be more consistent at track meets, we have temporarily selected “Philadelphia Runner TC” as our team name on entries for those competing for PRTC. You are encouraged to use that name when you enter meets individually!

4/17: Revolutionary Run
Valley Forge 5 Miler

Sunday, April 17 marks the next Grand Prix event PRTC will go after (we are forgoing a strong effort at the half marathon in Delaware on April 3 as the Grand Prix allows to miss an event or two). This 5 mile looped course features very gradual inclines and declines until late in the race where runners are greeted with a steep downhill followed by an uphill finish. Approximately two weeks out from the Broad Street Run, this race will offer a great tune up.

Paul Matuszak ( is the race captain for this event. Contact him if you are interested in racing and need help getting to and from. Since this race falls on a Sunday, some of the group will likely go for an extended cool down to piece together a long run effort. Post-race refreshments will be packed in Paul’s Honda Fit to enjoy in the park after the cool down.


Get in touch with each other via the email list for runs this week. Access email distribution lists (if you are not currently subscribed) using the following hyperlink:

Here are the lists: [announcement only] [general running meet-ups] [mostly mens’ speed workouts] [mostly womens’ speed workouts] [social interactions + random posts]

Disclaimer about gendered lists:
We recognize some men might want to sign up for the women’s list (and women to the men’s list), and encourage this behavior. We didn’t want to start breaking things up by pace on the list as that could become overly complicated, but roughly speaking the women’s list will rarely have workouts any faster than 5:30 pace, and the men’s list will usually have workouts that are faster than 5:30 pace.

Upcoming Races

· Valley Forge Revolutionary Run 5 Mile on April 17: Race captain is Paul Matuszak (

· Broad Street Run on May 1: Race captain is Jessica Fragola (

· Scott Coffee Moorestown Rotary 8K on June 4: Race captain TBD

4/8 Sam Howell Distance Meet at Princeton University*
4/9 Rider Invite at Rider University
4/22-4/23 Widener Invitational at Widener University
4/28-4/30 Penn Relays*
5/16 Tuppany Twilight Last Chance Meet at Swarthmore College*

*Qualifying standards are or may be required

4/18 Boston Marathon


We had a solid turnout at our Sunday long run despite the cold and very windy conditions. As always, the group meets at 8:30am each Sunday at Lloyd Hall.

Tuesday’s group workout will began at roughly 6:30pm at Franklin Field. Here are a few workout options if you wish to tag along with others:
· Penn Running Club is race specific:
o 1500m: Controlled 800m, 2x400m, 6x200m
o 5000m: 2 sets of 3x1K
o Steeple: 3x(1K, 2x400m over hurdles)
o Marathon: 2xMile plus 2 set of 3x1K
· PRTC Men – 3200m at threshold pace followed by 8x200m at mile race pace
· PRTC Women – 6x1000m at 5K pace with 3:00 or 400m jog rest

Make sure to communicate on the new men’s and women’s track/workout based email sub-groups. The men have been meeting pretty regularly on Friday evenings.

New group run option: Philadelphia Runner (the store) has nearly 100 people show up at 8:00am on Saturday mornings at Lloyd Hall. While there aren’t many of those 100 runners holding a pace faster than 8 minutes per mile, it may be a good recovery run for those that need to run something easy on Saturday mornings. Plus, you may catch somebody that just moved into town that found out about the Saturday group but doesn’t know of any other group runs.

Want company during other runs over the course of the week? Be sure to stay active on the new “easy run” email sub-group.

(What was Paul drinking?)

Absolutely nothing. I’m in the office at work.

Club Results

Danny Curran Invitational

PRTC and the Penn Running Club showed up in full force on Friday evening and Saturday for the Danny Curran Invitational hosted by Widener University.

On Friday evening, Emily Saus and Paul Matuszak ran upfront in the women and men’s 5000m races coming in 5th (19:14) and 6th (15:15), respectively. However, the highlight of the 5000m races came from Chris Hendry’s 15th place showing in 15:43 – about a full minute personal record for the Freshman at Penn. Harry Prevor also finished well placing 4th in his heat in 17:31. In the 10000m race, Geraint Davies had a very nice tune up for Boston by running an even split (except for the hammer drop on the last K) effort in 31:57. It’s believed he came in 4th place (I count three people in the results that have a faster time and the other 50 with slower times) – but it’s certainly possible he came in 2nd or 3rd. How? Well, lightning storms forced the meet to combine the men and women’s section which resulted in 45 competitors and sheer confusion on the track. However, it is clear based on my calculation that Liz Novack won the women’s race in 37:04!

On Saturday, Kevin Brandon ran a nice 1500m in 4:07 which should serve as a nice session for his upcoming 5000m race at Princeton this weekend. Also in the 1500m, Kyle Heubner had a huge race finishing in 4:10. Kyle’s efforts come at a good time with the spring college club track nationals a few days away.

Race results note: unfortunately, the email team isn’t that great at stalking the internet for results. So please send us your results or let us know when you are racing!

Final Thoughts

  •  Please consider jumping on the Flyers bandwagon if you have not already done so. It’s too late for Villanova. If you didn’t jump on the bandwagon before last night, your presence at the parade is not allowed.
  •  The Boston Marathon is 2 weeks away. Best of luck to all those entering their taper.
  •  Belgium Waffle and Going Gray. Those are the two colors I used to paint the walls of my future son or daughter’s room. For those thinking WTF, Belgium Waffle could probably be better named as “light yellow”. Going Gray could probably just be “Gray” – it’s been gray since I bought it, applied it to the walls, and still the same color this morning. It’s always been gray; ain’t “going” anywhere.