PRTC Weekly (4/17): The Boston Edition PLUS Valley Forge Results

Revolutionary Run
Preliminary Team Results: PRTC Wins Close Team Battle!


(Where Paul Missed the Awards to run another mile):

PRTC continued to roll in the Mid-Atlantic Grand Prix event. Despite a large number of the club being in the middle of outdoor track season and others gearing up for tomorrow Boston Marathon, PRTC was able to pull from its depth and rally together a strong squad for this morning’s 5 miler in Valley Forge. After narrowly missing out on a first place team score at the first Grand Prix event (Adrenaline 5K), PRTC was able to squeeze out enough age-graded points to (preliminarily) take the WIN.

Paul Matuszak (3rd in 25:29) and Kevin Brandon (4th in 26:11) went out hard with the front of the race until the front two racers created a gap by the first mile. Although Paul and Kevin were able to maintain some ground over the last several miles, the gap created earlier in the race was too much to overcome on the course that featured an abundance of steep and rolling hills. Lucas Bryant and Tim Rusterholz added to the sea of red singlets in the front of the race by excellent finishes in 6th (27:25) and 7th (27:33) places, respectively. While this is a nice tune up for everybody’s upcoming Broad Street race, the set-up was ideal for Lucas who was racing off a moonlight shift (and currently scheduled to moonlight the night before Broad Street!).

On the women’s side, Jessica Fragola nearly won her third big race in as many attempts (Adrenaline 5K, Love Run Half Marathon) but ultimately settled for 2nd in 30:16 when Bryn Mawr’s top runner negative split proved to strong in the end. Jamie Morgenstern worked with Jessica for most of the race and was rewarded with a 3rd place finish in 30:36 (a 5 mile PR for Jamie on a course not very kind to fast times). Not too shabby considering both ran for an hour before the race to keep their Sunday long run effort intact (thanks to Sharon for joining the long run too!) And perhaps Aliah Molczan made her PRTC debut? Whatever the case, Aliah ran strong for a 12th place showing in 35:24.

Based on preliminary results, the top 5 scorers for PRTC accumulated 402.1 age graded points for what appears to be enough for the win. Athena was a closed second in 401.6, but it appears that some of the age grading calculations may be off for the club consisting of predominantly women’s masters runners (so a jump up is possible). Pine Creek Valley just missed cracking 400 with 399.5 while the rest of the field were a bit more distant with scores 385 or lower.

Next up for the club as part of the Grand Prix will be the Broad Street Run. The club is expecting to do well since all of those that competed this morning (exception being Matuszak) will be competing along with more than enough reinforcements. We do have a race captain for Broad Street (Jessica), so feel free to reach out to her for any questions!

Get HYPED for Boston TOMORROW!
It’s not a Grand Prix event and it’s not even held in the Philadelphia area. But it’s probably the most talked about race in America and PRTC is sending a large team to represent Philadelphia!

The men’s group is led by PRTC veterans Geraint Davies and Justin Simard. Geraint and Justin have plans to sync up for the first half working together. This should bode well considering the last time the two worked together, Justin (along with PRTC teammate, Andrew Van Hoogenstyn) ended up running 2:30 in the 2014 Philadelphia Marathon (where Geraint served as the “unofficial” 2:30 pace setter for 17 miles). At a minimum, both will be looking for sub-2:30 showings tomorrow in Boston.

Andrew will also be competing tomorrow, although some winter/spring injuries will limit his ability. However, he will likely run alongside Hayley Germack (who ran an 80:41 HM last month as a tune up in Washington DC) who is hoping for a fast time!

Breandan Lyman, Ramon Laboy and Colin McGrath will also be racing tomorrow and all look for a finish in the low to mid-2:30s. Also, the always consistent Jason Vail looks to capitalize on a strong fitness with a sub-2:50.

Meghan Bishop, who also ran the HM in Washington DC last month in 81 minutes, will be joined with Liz Novack and Catherine Campbell. Both Liz and Catherine have been following a strong training plan assisted by Geraint and are poised to run well (and Liz is in a good position to blow by her 3:11 PR set in Pittsburgh in 2013 with a sub-3 hour effort).
Boston Runner Tracking

Geraint Davies – 452 (1/1)
Justin Simard – 156 (1/1)
Breandan Lyman – 1114 (1/2)
Ramon Laboy – 300 (1/1)
Hoogie – 162 (1/1) – might be moving back
Jason Vail – 2353 (1/3)
Colin McGrath 236 (1/1)

Meghan Bishop – 2554 (1/3)
Liz Novack – 9932 (2/2)
Catherine Campbell – 10296 (2/3)
Hayley Germack – 3143 (1/4)

Get in touch with each other via the email list for runs this week. Access email distribution lists (if you are not currently subscribed) using the following hyperlink:

Here are the lists: [announcement only] [general running meet-ups] [mostly mens’ speed workouts] [mostly womens’ speed workouts] [social interactions + random posts]

Disclaimer about gendered lists:
We recognize some men might want to sign up for the women’s list (and women to the men’s list), and encourage this behavior. We didn’t want to start breaking things up by pace on the list as that could become overly complicated, but roughly speaking the women’s list will rarely have workouts any faster than 5:30 pace, and the men’s list will usually have workouts that are faster than 5:30 pace.

Upcoming Races

· Broad Street Run on May 1: Race captain is Jessica Fragola (

· Scott Coffee Moorestown Rotary 8K on June 4: Race captain TBD

4/22-4/23 Widener Invitational at Widener University
4/28-4/30 Penn Relays*
5/16 Tuppany Twilight Last Chance Meet at Swarthmore College*

*Qualifying standards are or may be required


Running for two hours alone is boring, so tag along with the weekly long run. While the run was cancelled this morning since most of the group was either in Valley Forge or Boston, this coming week’s long run will return to 8:30am on Sunday at Lloyd Hall.

Tuesday’s group workout will began at roughly 6:30pm at Franklin Field:
· Penn Running Club – event specific
· Penn Marathon – day off, recover after Boston!

· PRTC Men and Women – event specific

Make sure to communicate on the new men’s and women’s track/workout based email sub-groups. The men have been meeting pretty regularly on Friday evenings.

New group run option: Philadelphia Runner (the store) has nearly 100 people show up at 8:00am on Saturday mornings at Lloyd Hall. While there aren’t many of those 100 runners holding a pace faster than 8 minutes per mile, it may be a good recovery run for those that need to run something easy on Saturday mornings. Plus, you may catch somebody that just moved into town that found out about the Saturday group but doesn’t know of any other group runs.

Want company during other runs over the course of the week? Be sure to stay active on the new “easy run” email sub-group.

(What was Paul drinking?)

Currently nothing, but earlier today was consisted of some King of Prussia house Pale Ale, Miller Light, Lager, Bug Light and Michelob Ultra. Maybe if the weekly email gets completed early enough, a Troegs Perpetual IPA will be added to that list.

Club Results

Did you race outside of the Valley Forge event? Then…

Race results note: unfortunately, the email team isn’t that great at stalking the internet for results. So please send us your results or let us know when you are racing!

Final Thoughts
· Walk off win by the Phillies today. Enjoy it when it happens. This year may be a long one…Oh, and probably so many typos and truly awful grammar in this email. The kind of grammar that makes you wonder how the Sam Fish I got through college.