PRTC Weekly (03/14/16)

Racing Season is about to begin with the Adrenaline 5k.

Franklin Field is open for business for Tuesday evening’s track session

Spoiler Alert (Bachelor) “After about 30 minutes of intel, I’d say JoJo has got this in the bag.” – text message from Jamie to Paul regarding the Bachelor season finale. Well, it turns out that Jamie was wrong as JoJo was blindsided and GOES HOME DEVESTATED.

Saturday, March 19th Adrenaline 5k 

The Mid-Atlantic USATF Grand Prix will officially be underway with the Adrenaline 5k in Haddonfield, NJ this coming Saturday. This is THE premier road 5k in the area as breaking 15 minutes may not even get you in the top 10.

PRTC is poised to run well as a team with Charlie and Kevin looking to attach the front of the race and Margaret, Jessica and Jamie as viable candidates to capture the women’s title. Good luck to all those running!

If you would like to coordinate getting to the race, warm-ups or cool-downs, reach out to Jamie Morgenstern (

Trail Safety

This is just a friendly reminder to please be alert while running out on the river trail, especially when running alone. Someone from the club reported strange activity along the banks near the 4-mile mark when a stranger approached them while recovering between intervals (got within 5 feet of them before the running jetted). There were also several reports of assaults from this winter on the path between the art museum and the Locust Street Donut Hole. These reports, along with the recent stabbing in Rittenhouse, are examples of why we can’t take safety for granted. IF you need to run late at night, out and backs on the Kelly Drive side (more populated) may be best. And if you have access to a treadmill, I’d recommend occasionally using these if very late (I’ve logged many miles on the treadmill between midnight and 4am back when I was working closer to 80 hours a week).

Email List Update 

Did you ever meet somebody for the first time and immediately forget their name? And after you got their name for the second time, you forgot again? Consider that the rationale on why the email list set-up is in the weekly email for the third straight week. In the event you deleted the first two editions of the email, here’s the information you need to know about the new email lists. If you also delete this email, you’ll just need to rummage through the trash in your inbox to re-familiarize yourself with the email set-up. Please refer to the following webpage to subscribe or unsubscribe from any of the new lists. Any questions please reach out to Paul Matuszak (

Here are the lists: (moderated, announcements only) (general running meet-ups) (Add yourself; Men’s speed workouts) (Add yourself; Women’s speed workouts) (Add yourself; Social Events & Random Messages)

Disclaimer about gendered lists: We recognize some men might want to sign up for the women’s list (and women to the men’s list), and encourage this behavior. We didn’t want to start breaking things up by pace on the lists as that could become overly complicated, but roughly speaking the women’s list will rarely have workouts faster than 5:30 pace; and the men’s list will usually have workouts that are faster than 5:30 pace.

Mid Atlantic Grand Prix

The Mid-Atlantic Association of the USATF holds a series of road races called the Grand Prix. Results are tallied for each race by assigning points based on age and gender to come up with a composite team score of each club’s top 5 or so runners from each race. At the end of the year, the Mid-Atlantic Association takes the average team score from each club’s top team score to determine final rankings. There is a financial incentive to perform well as top clubs often win in excess of $1,000 at the end of the year (which could be used for a pretty weet year-end bash and some better gear for the club). Individuals can also benefit as there are cash prizes for top men and female open and masters runners at the end of the year.

While we do not need to run all of these races, here are the Grand Prix races through the first half of the 2016 calendar year. Next to each race is the race captain assigned. Please reach out to them if you plan to run the race and would like to be kept in the loop on carpooling, warm-ups/cool-downs, post race food/drink, etc.

Haddonfield Adrenaline Run 5k on March 19: Jamie Morgenstern (

Caesar Rodney Half Marathon on April 3: Paul Matuszak ( (Note – this race is not a priority for the club.

Valley Forge Revolutionary Run 5 Mile on April 17: Paul Matuszak (

Broad Street Run on May 1: Jessica Fragola (

Scott Coffee Moorestown Rotary 8k on June 4: Race captain TBD

If you have interest in racing one of these for PRTC, make sure to register for the club on USATF. Reach out to Paul ( for any questions on the USATF registration process. We are club number 08-0082 in the Mid-Atlantic Association.

Non-Grand Prix 2016 PRTC Spring Racing Schedule

This list is a work in progress, but here are some races that we will be having some club members compete at. Many of these are post-collegiate friendly outdoor track meets held at local colleges. Reach out to Kevin Brandon ( if you want to learn more about competing at college track races.

4/1-4/2 Danny Curran Invitational at Widener University

4/8 Sam Howell Distance Meet at Princeton University*

4/9 Rider Invite at Rider University

4/22-4/23 Widener Invitational at Widener University

4/28-4/30 Penn Relays*

5/16 Tuppany Twilight Last Chance Meet at Swarthmore College*

* Qualifying standards are or may be required

Are you running the Boston marathon this year (as in 5 weeks away!!!!?) Feel free to send Justin Simard a note if you are ( He will get a thread together for those of you racing if you want to discuss logistics. Logistics are critical for this race. Many of the group has travel plans lined up and many are even past participants in the race – so pick their brains if you need advice.


Yesterday’s long run had 3 nice pace groups develop. Want company on your long run? Come out on Sunday mornings to run with a group. As always, we’ll be back at it again this coming Sunday meeting at 8:30am at Lloyd Hall.

Tuesday’s group workout will begin at roughly 6:30pm at Franklin Field. You are welcome to come earlier for warm-up laps and drills. The track is open for you to do any workout you wish, but here are a few options if you wish to tag along with others:

Penn Running Club – 5×400 with 3-4 min recovery or 20x 1 min on 30s off

PRTC Men – 4x(4×400) 1:00 between reps, 3:00 between sets

PRTC Women – 6×800 with 400 rest (big race week, small workout!)

Paul – 1 mile Marathon pace, 4×800, 1 mile Marathon Pace (marathon is on Sunday). Paul’s specific workout will be done on Wednesday. For those not able to make Tuesday but are interested in running this workout on Wednesday, let Paul know.

Make sure to communicate on the new men’s and women’s track/workout based email sub-groups. The men have been meeting pretty regularly on Friday evenings.

New group run option: Philadelphia Runner (the store) has nearly 100 people show up at 8:00am on Saturday mornings at Lloyd Hall. While there aren’t many of those 100 runners holding a pace faster than 8 minutes per mile, it may be a good recovery run for those that need to run something easy on Saturday mornings. Plus, you may catch somebody that just moved into town that found out about the Saturday group, but doesn’t know of any other group runs.

Want company during other runs over the course of the week? Be sure to stay active on the new “easy run” email sub-group.

What was Paul drinking during the write-up of this edition of the weekly email?

A decaffeinated tea. Less than one week away from the marathon, so alcohol is being monitored. But March 21, oh my, spell check won’t even be able to clean up the grammatical mess that will ensue that evening.

Club Results

This weekend saw the (unofficial) opening of spring race season for PRTC, with a nice collection of outdoor races to pick between.

Jamie Morgenstern ran a time-trialed 17:26 5k at the Downingtown Run The Loop Relay Race, where unbeknownst to her, a 15-year old boy would beat her by 10 seconds. The result is a 3 second PR for Jamie!

The DC Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon featured several of our group’s runners and friends, with Hayley D Germack running a pristine 1:20:41 for 4th overall and Meghan Bishop finishing in 1:21:36 for 6th overall, both solid times in their buildups to Boston. Pat McLaughlin started his comeback and with limited training posted a top-10 finish in 1:11:15 (I haven’t talked to Pat yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he drove overnight after work and showed up at the starting line off no sleep).

Paul Matuszak ran his final workout in advance of his marathon next week, posting 25:57 for the win at the Leprechaun Run 5 miler. Jack Denison, who is also beginning his training build-up, finished in 27:20 for second place.

Race results note: Unfortunately, the email team isn’t that great at stalking the internet for results. So please send us your results or let us know when you are racing!

Final Thoughts

Let me start this off by a Dr. Hibbert quote from the early years of The Simpsons: “Is that the love between a man and a women? Or the love of a man for a Cuban cigar?

– Ben is the man, Lauren is the woman and JoJo is the Cuban cigar. It was a gut-wrenching finale, but Ben could only pick one girl. Now I’ll need to find a new TV show to watch while editing this email. It’s been quite the ride, but I think I’ve put in enough investment time with the wife in watching this show that I can safely command the remote control during the baseball season.