PRTC Weekly 02/29/16

Email List

With the current email distribution list approaching 100 runners, a minor overhaul was necessary to facilitate the ongoing use for efficient communication. As a result, we converted the core distribution list to an “announcement only” based list. The core list will be used for weekly emails in an attempt to streamline running related items (e.g., upcoming races, Tuesday workouts, etc.) in a single message. This email will become known as the “first weekly email” assuming we follow through and the “second weekly email” gets sent next week!

The core purpose of the initial email list was to allow runners in the Philadelphia area communicate with each other and sync up training runs. There are lots of runners in Philadelphia, so no need to train alone! We still want to see active communication amongst each other, but we wanted to narrow the scope a bit to make communication more efficient. The solution was to create sub-groups.  The four sub-groups created are for (1) easy runs, (2) men’s track, (3) women’s track, and (4) social.

Everyone from the existing list should have been added to our new core mailing list group,, as well as the sub-group “easy run”, Send mail to the “easy run” sub-group as you would to any email under the current structure. Nobody will have permission to email the core mailing list, but everyone will have access to the sub-groups. PLEASE SIGN-UP FOR ADDITIONAL SUB-GROUPS (or unsubscribe to the lists we converted you too) AS YOU SEE FIT. Any questions please reach out to Paul Matuszak (

Here are the lists: [Announcement only; Moderated; everyone should already be added] [general running meet-ups; unmoderated; everyone should already be added] [Mostly Mens’ speed workouts; unmoderated; join if interested) [Mostly Womens’ speed workouts; unmoderated; join if interested] [Social interactions + random posts; unmoderated; join if intersted]

Disclaimer about gendered lists:

We recognize some men might want to sign up for the women’s list (and women to the men’s list), and encourage this behavior. We didn’t want to start breaking things up by pace on the list as that could become overly complicated, but roughly speaking the women’s list will rarely have workouts any faster than 5:30 pace, and the men’s list will usually have workouts that are faster than 5:30 pace.

Upcoming Races

 3/19: Adrenaline 5K

The first race of the 2016 Mid-Atlantic Grand Prix is on Saturday, March 19th in Haddonfield, NJ at the Adrenaline 5K. If you haven’t run this race before, you’re very likely to leave with a 5K PR as the course is fast and the local competition matches the competition you would find at a race like Broad Street (just with 39,000 fewer people!). If you would like to coordinate getting to the race, warm-ups or cool-downs, reach out to Jamie Morgenstern ( and she’ll send out a note specific to those racing Adrenaline about a week prior to get the ball rolling. Additional information can be found here:

 Mid-Atlantic Grand Prix

The Mid-Atlantic Association of the USATF holds a series of road races called the Grand Prix. Results are tallied for each race by assigning points based on age and gender to come up with a composite team score of each club’s top 5 or so runners from each race. At the end of the year, the Mid-Atlantic Association takes the average team score from each club’s top team scores to determine final rankings. There is a financial incentive to perform well as top clubs often win in excess of $1,000 at the end of the year (which could be used for a pretty sweet year-end bash and some better gear for the club). Individuals can also benefit as there are cash prizes for top men and female open and masters runners at the end of the year.

While we do not need to run at all of these races, here are the Grand Prix races through the first half of the 2016 calendar year. Next to each race is the race captain assigned. Please reach out to them if you plan to run the race and would like to be kept in the loop on carpooling, warm-ups/cool-downs, post-race food/drink, etc.

  • Haddonfield Adrenaline Run 5K on March 19: Jamie Morgenstern (
  • Caesar Rodney Half Marathon on April 3: Paul Matuszak (; Note – this race is not a priority for the club.
  • Valley Forge Revolutionary Run 5 Mile on April 17: Paul Matuszak (
  • Broad Street Run on May 1: Jessica Fragola (
  • Scott Coffee Moorestown Rotary 8K on June 4: Race captain TBD

If you have interest in racing one of these for PRTC, make sure to register for the club on USATF. Reach out to Paul ( for any questions on the USATF registration process. We are club number 08-0082 in the Mid-Atlantic Association.

Non-Grand Prix 2016 PRTC

Spring Racing Schedule

This list is a work in progress, but here are some races that we will be having some club members compete at. Many of these are post-collegiate friendly outdoor track meets held at local colleges. Reach out to Kevin Brandon ( if you want to learn more about competing at college track races.

4/1-4/2 Danny Curran Invitational at Widener University
4/8 Sam Howell Distance Meet at Princeton University*
4/9 Rider Invite at Rider University
4/22-4/23 Widener Invitational at Widener University
4/28-4/30 Penn Relays*
5/16 Tuppany Twilight Last Chance Meet at Swarthmore College*
*Qualifying standards are or may be required

PRTC Runs (Tuesday Workout/Friday Tempo/Sunday Long)

A dozen men and women showed up for the long run on Sunday. As always, we’ll be back at it again this coming Sunday meeting at8:30am at Lloyd Hall.

Tuesday’s group workout will began at roughly 6:30pm at Franklin Field at 6:30pm. You are welcome come earlier for warm-up laps and drills. The track is open for you to do any workout you wish, but here are a few options if you wish to tag along with others:

Geraint is having the Penn Running Club do:

  • Marathon (Men) – 5 mile tempo, 2 mile hard
  • Marathon (Women) – Mile repeats
  • 5k – 4 x (1k,400) [Charlie and some quick track guys will be doing a variation of this]
  • Mile – 200-800 ladder

Jamie has thrown out two alternative ideas for the women’s track group:

  • 4-6x 800 in ~83-84, 2:00 jog rest
  • 4-6 x 1 mile in ~6:00, 1:00 rest

NOTE: There will be a brief 3-minute meeting prior to the Tuesday workout in which I will solicit feedback on logo options for new singlets that are in the works.

A few guys met up last Friday evening for some tempo running. This will likely occur again this Friday, so make sure to communicate on the new men’s and women’s track/workout based email sub-groups.

Want company during other runs over the course of the week? Be sure to stay active on the new “easy run” email sub-group.

A dozen men and women showed up for the long run on Sunday. As always, we’ll be back at it again this coming Sunday meeting at 8:30am at Lloyd Hall.

Final Thoughts

  • Thank you for not objecting to the proposed interim board.
  • Thank you for not lecturing the editor of this email on his poor use of the English language.
  • We all anticipate some hiccups in the new email sub-lists. For example, someone may mistakenly send an email to the men’s track list rather than the social list asking if their new pair of running shorts looks great on them or just merely good on them. Let’s all have patience as everyone gets used to the new system.