Danny Curran/Other Updates

We have an update on that Widener meet (along with some other impressive marks from the club).

That picture below is not lying: Nate (“The Hammer”) and Geraint (“Big G”) lapped the entire field in the 10000, running two big PRs: 31:14 and 31:16, respectively. That was a 67 last lap for Nate. Despite getting lapped, Justin also ran a new PR in 32:57.

In the 5000, Kevin hit 15:05 for a fifteen second PR! We’d be very surprised if that’s his last one this season.

In other races last weekend, Andrew finished second in the Love Run (1:12:50) and Iain finished sixth (1:16:51), putting in a nice effort before Boston.

Oh, and Breandan (with outside fibula still attached) finished second at the Back on My Feet Five Miler.

Nice work everybody!