2014 – Year in Review

It’s time for a long overdue year-in-review. For those with short attention spans, I’ll just say that the club had a terrific year. A lot of PRs, impressive races, consistent training, and great teamwork.

We’ll go in reverse chronological order. Starting with USATF Club Cross at Lehigh. An amazing and competitive race. Despite the fact that we had a lot of runners coming off of the marathon weekend, we still managed to finish a respectable 43rd in the team race, led by Nate and Geraint, who both finished in under 32 minutes.

Just a couple of weeks before we had some impressive performances at the Philadelphia Marathon. Thanks to some helpful pacing by Geraint, Justin and Andrew both had great races finishing in 20 (2:30:09) and 22 (2:30:46) respectively. The miles of co-training sent us both to PRs. (Side note: After 17 miles of marathon pacing, Geraint went on to finish second in the Atlanta Half Marathon, running 1:10:44 alone, just a few days later.) Ramon, Jason, and Breandan also had great races and PRs.

Although he had to pull out of the marathon because of an injury, Paul had a terrific season, finishing the Hartford Half Marathon in 1:09:17, in the midst of marathon training.

Earlier races are a little hazier. Nate’s blazing NIRCA Cross season sticks out, as do some terrific track races by Nate, Paul, and Geraint in the Spring. A 5k PR after ten miles of running in the morning–probably not best practices but it worked.

Thanks to new members, Paul, Andrew, and Ramon for pushing us in training and in racing. Happy trails to Ted, Steve, and Brendan. And thanks to the women’s team for getting back in gear.

Does this sound fun? Then maybe you should run with us. Send us a message and get started. Anyone who wants to get faster is welcome!

p.s. Sorry if I missed anything/anyone!