Nesbitt and Byrne Win Five Milers on the Road; Borghuis Finishes Fourth in Four Miler

Lancaster and Forty Fort, PA; Reston, VA

On Saturday morning, Drew Nesbitt, Matt Byrne, and Bart Borghuis all took to the roads in races. Drew was racing the Red Rose Run in Lancaster, Matt was running the Old Fort Five Miler in Forty Fort, and Bart was running the We Got Your Back 4 Miler.

In Lancaster, Drew found hot and humid skies. Drew recalled that “At the start, I noticed most of the usual top-notch competition was missing from the start line. So I took the race out hard – 4:50. 4:53, and 5:15. I was alone with only two miles and some hills to go. I cruised home with some 5:30’s and really enjoyed winning one of the biggest races in Lancaster County.” Our man was the clear winner by 40 seconds. Drew is taking his fitness to the big stage in a few weeks, competing in the Utica Boilermaker in upstate New York.

In Forty Fort, Matt was not able to employ the same “run away early” strategy, as the eventual second place finisher Chris Wadas ran stride for stride with Matt for the first three miles. “I could still hear his footsteps right behind me,” Matt said. “I just wanted to keep up an under-5:10 (per mile) pace. But at around mile four, Chris dropped off the pace a bit. And I was able to hold him off for the win. But Chris didn’t fall apart. He stayed close the entire way. He ran a very good race.”

In Reston, Bart took part in a big race with a $1,000 total prize purse. Such money attracted some fast runners, including some local Africans and top D.C. area Americans. Bart recounted that the field “went out hard, and I just went with it.”

The course was run on a hard-top bike trail, but there were some long and shorter up and downs. Bart’s recollection of the hard start were accurate, as he split 4:41 and 4:38 for his first two miles! “I think the hard start and some uphills on the way back cost time, but [I] finished in 19:55 for 4th. [I’m] pretty happy. It felt good to average under 5 minute pace. [It was] also, cool to be in an environment where, in these races, the leaders are not too fast that I can’t give it a shot, and try to hang with them.” Bart’s time was good enough to tie him for #8 on the PRTC All-Time list!

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Upcoming: Since it is a quiet time of year for the team, there are some unusual races coming up for our athletes. Ross is scheduled to pace Bryn Mawr Running Coompany owner Bob Schwelm in a track two mile race to help qualify Bob for the master’s two mile race to be held during the Olympic Track Trials in Eugene. Ted is competing in the Philly Tri relay race along with his brothers-in-law. Ted will be covering the 10k running leg of this relay. And in the last weekend in June, Ted and Tim are ‘supposed’ to run a road 10k in Clare, Ireland while on a trip for a family reunion. But the first night of celebrations is the night before this 10k, so all plans are tentative.