Nesbitt and Callinan Take on Biggest Five Miler in the U.S.

Spring Lake, NJ

Drew Nesbitt and Tim Callinan hit the shore on Memorial Day weekend. But these two people didn’t have sandcastles on their minds. They had racing. And the Spring Lake Five Miler on the central Jersey shore provides the biggest five mile road race in the U.S. It annually draws uppers of 10,000 participants! And the large size does not negate the quality field that can be found up front.

“The race went great for me; I was really happy with the result. I ran with the top two for most of the race (5 flat pace for 3 miles, 4th in 5:10). But in the fifth mile, I think my inexperience in road racing caught up with me, as I started my kick too early, passed the second place runner, and then faded to fifth.”

“I hope to put together a solid Summer. Sorry I don’t have much more to add, but hopefully I will have a great result this weekend running in my hometown.”   Tim is continuing to find his way back to form after a long layoff. With an extremely modest goal of simply breaking 27 minutes (Tim has only done about three workouts so far), Tim bettered that post by 51 seconds! Tim gave a balanced account of his run, stating that his “splits were 5:10, 5:13, 5:07, 5:20, 5:13. I was just trying to run even the whole way, but my fourth mile was a little slow.”

ONE MONTH EARLIER, ON APRIL 26th, ROSS MARTINSON won the Teal Ribbon Ovarian Cancer 5k. Mrs. Martinson (Kerry “I PR’d by several minutes at Broad Street”) finished second in the women’s race in 20:58!