PRTC Runners Pace 5k Road Races in the City and Down the Shore

Atlantic City, NJ; Philadelphia, PA

As a precursor to the Summer, members of the team traveled to the South Jersey shore on this mother’s day weekend. Four of our runners put their feet on the boardwalk for a 5k in Atlantic City. Looking to make her second return to racing in 2008 (Renee Gunning first attempted racing at the Adrenaline 5k, but re-injured herself in the process), Renee showed that the rest and recovery was worthwhile. Renee outlasted friend and former collegiate roommate Sheila Klick for the overall win. Gina Lucrezi was back in town to race for the first time since taking her post at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She finished just outside the top three.

In the men’s race, Ryan could not match Renee’s performance, having to contend with Kiwi Adrian Blincoe (contending for his second straight Olympic Games appearance in the 1500). Ryan did hit 15 minutes on the nose, though, and picked up second place. Like Renee, her fiancee Bryan Skelly has also been working himself back in to race shape. Just getting on the line is going to help these two move in the right direction. But Bryan knows the work he still has ahead of him, as he missed the winner’s circle as well, finishing fourth.

MEANWHILE, CLAIRE KEPT HER RACING CLOSER TO HOME, capturing the overall title at the Philadelphia edition of the Race for the Cure. Claire crossed the line with 17:47 on the clock.