PRTC Has Strong Showing at Parade Down Broad Street

Philadelphia, PA

For the first time in three years, the men’s team did not win the team title at the Broad Street 10 Miler. Still, there were good performances turned in by the men and women alike. Add to that a marathon win by a new member of PRTC, and the club seemed to keep its winning ways going.

The weather conditions for Broad Street were certainly favorable, if not optimal. The sky was overcast and it was slightly cool. However, during the race, some runners reported that it was slightly humid, and that the two miles surrounding city hall were somewhat windy.

The race was out fast. Ross said he came through the mile much faster than he planned to (4:45), but he felt comfortable doing it. Tom was als out fast, covering the first mile in 4:53. Both runners wanted to run more even splits, so both of them slowed up their pace. Ross slowed his mile pace back to a 5:04 for the second mile, while Tom ran mile #2 in around 5:00. “I never felt particularly comfortable, though,” Tom explained. “I ran with some people in the first half, but it was pretty spread out, mostly due to Ross’s strong running in 5th place and those of us behind him not being able to keep up.” Ross also noted the difficulty of running alone. “”I thought I was regrouping well late in the race, and I thought I might get the guy in front of me (eventual fourth place finisher Matt Pelletier). But I never caught him,” Ross conceded.

Ross covered mile #3 in 4:51 and continued to push towards a sub 50 minute race. Tom was making a valiant effort to achieve his pre-race goal of a 50 minute race, passing the halfway point at 25:01. “But then I started to slow down. I went with Grant Scott and another guy who caught me for a mile or two toward the end. But I started feeling really tired in the ninth mile, lost them, and only ran 5:12 for that mile. I felt a bit better in the last mile.” Ross captured fifth place in 49:33, while Tom finished just outside the top ten with a 50:38.

Pat Ward also felt the pressure of going solo after five miles. “After I lost the pack I was with around the 5 mile mark, I started to struggle as I ran by myself into a bit of a headwind. Still, I still ran a P.R. by 42 seconds.” Pat smashed his time from last year, which was on a much faster day overall. And if there had been clocks at 8K and 10K, I would have set road P.R.’s for those distances as well!” But Pat wasn’t the only member of the men’s team to score a PR, as Spencer showed great form, running a personal best 53:24.

IN THE WOMEN’S RACE, ABBY DEAN and SHANNON KLICK ran outstanding races. For Abby, it was a show of resiliency, bouncing back from her phenomenal run at the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials. “I did not know what to expect since I had literally only done four very short, easy runs since the [Olympic] Trials. I was in 3rd place from the very beginning. I very quickly realized that I was definitely not recovered from the marathon or from being sick. Every mile got slower ’til I was able to hold a 6 min pace for the last 5 miles. I kept thinking a female was bound to pass me, but i never heard the crowd cheer for another woman. At no point did i ever feel good… it was by far the hardest race I have ever done! The race winnings [3rd overall, and 1st Philadelphian] made it all worth it,” Abby exclaimed. For Shannon, it was yet more proof that her bast races may come in the longer distances, as she set a ten mile PR. The girls ran 58:38 and 1:01.37 respectively.

BUT ABBY AND SHANNON WEREN’T THE ONLY WOMEN TO RACE THIS WEEKEND, as new PRTC member Kate Bowser captured the victory at the New Jersey Marathon in Long Branch, running 3:04.51. Not only did this give Kate an overall win, but a fine display of marathon potential.

Even when the team doesn’t have everyone racing on all cylinders, there is still plenty of depth to post solid performances. We’re lucky to have such dedicated athletes.