PRTC Runners Roll on Hilly Half Marathon Course

Wilmington, DE

Abby Dean posted her second fastest half marathon ever at this year’s edition of the Caesar Rodney Half Marathon. When one considers that this course is rolling, and that Abby is still flat from taking on high volume in preparation for the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials, things look promising for April! By running 1:20.46, Abby provided a new #7 time on PRTC’s half marathon all-time list, right behind her own 1:19.07 from PDR this past Fall! Admittedly, Abby said that she was passed b eventual winner Kathleen Jobes and runner-up Heidi Woflsberger, in the first mile of the race. But Abby ran the course, fighting a headwind, to come up with a brilliant race!

On the men’s side, Wylie Belasik and Fran Coyne made a return to racing, both capturing finishing places among the top 20overall! Adrenaline, and its exciting team scoring competition, are less than a week away!