At FasTrack, Fennelly Runs… Well… Fast

New York City, NY

On this leap day, Ryan Fennelly leaped over rankings 7 through 10 on the club’s all-time list for 3k by running a speedy 8:20.79! This was only Ryan’s second race of the Winter, but he showed remarkable sharpness. Ryan keyed in on this race for the last several weeks, taking advantage of a fast track and an annually quality field at a semi low-key meet.

NYU hosts FasTrack every year and has provided athletes with an opportunity to capitalize on race fitness at a relatively small meet on one of the better indoor tracks on the East Coast. This year, NYU was trying to help its own cause, employing a pacesetter to help one of its runners (and the eventual winner of the race), Hany Abdallah, break its existing team record of 8:20.52.

The pacesetter did his job, toeing the field through a 4:25 opening mile. At that point, Fennelly took up the pacing duties, helping to assure fast times. Fenn stayed at the front of the pack with 400m to go, as each runner bared down, looking to make a bid for the win. Fenn said the pack became jumbled for a second, before Abdallah shot forward, along with Fenn and two other runners. The results tell the story. The race was won by open runner Chris Heibell in 8:18.97. But Hany broke his school record, running 8:19.65. And Fenn ran his way in to the top three, beating 4th place finisher Brad Dobson by 2/10ths of a second! Now that’s racing!