Drew Lights it Up On and Off the Track

Haverford, PA

Yes, we know what you’re thinking. “The headline is a little presumptious, isn’t it?” Well it’s not when you understand the meaning behind it. True, Drew was the first of our four athletes across the line in the 3000m at the Keogh Invitational, but Drew was also metaphorically “on fire” because of his dryer! “Post race, we went home, and I was doing our laundry and caught the dryer on fire!” Drew explained. “After the fire department came and put the dryer out, all we lost were some of her clothes and my PRTC jersey! … Anyway, we are fine, and my landlord wasn’t too upset, so hopefully all is well.”

As for the race itself, Drew said he was “definitely pleased with my run and was really excited to run with the guys in a race.” The 3000m found no less than four PRTC runners on the starting line. The heat was comprised of exclusively post-collegiate athletes, so it provided an easy visual in terms of matching up three of the top clubs in the area. At the gun, Haddonfield Running Company’s Greg Bielecki took the lead. The rest of the field fell in to a line. Between 600m and 800m, our very own Ross Martinson went to the front, looking to help Greg out and make sure the race times were fast.

But there was even more shuffling of places going on behind Greg and Ross. PRTC’s Tom Haxton and Drew Nesbitt seemed to be running two on two with Bryn Mawr’s Grant Scott and Zach Vaslow Meanwhile, Pat Ward was pacing himself with other Bryn Mawr runners Sean Cavanaugh and Tom Parlapiano, as well as Haddonfield’s Dave Welsh.

As the runners entered the last 800m of the race, the athletes upped the tempo, and Greg Bielecki made a bid to close out the race. With two laps to go, the runners were in full flight. Bielecki was in the lead with Ross still holding the number two spot. The final lap held great drama, as the runners tore down the backstretch – looking to scramble the finishing order. By this point, Bielecki was a sure win, closing out the race with a 61 second last lap. In the last 100m, all four runners in the Tom Haxton/Drew Nesbitt group charged just slightly ahead of Ross. Then it was a parade to the finish, with the race proving to have much depth.

Ross and Tom both seemed pleased, as this was only Tom’s second indoor race of the year, and the first indoor race in a long tim for Ross! Not short on races this year, Pat was looking to better his PR of 8:36. Thus he was slightly disappointed, but was sure he had done some things right. ” We came through the mile in the exact same pace I was running when I ran my PR,” Pat noted. “I just wasn’t able to close as fast tonight.” PRTC was supposed to have even a fifth runner in the race, but Ted Callinan had to pull out about ten minutes before the race when he surprisingly pulled his left calf.

All in all, our PRTC guys ran well. And the team surely showed its depth. It’s funny. Just when you think you haven’t heard anything about this team in a while, they step to the line and show you what they’ve got.