Borghuis Wins Road 10k in Boston

Boston, MA

In New England visiting the new in-laws, Bart found a road 10k in Boston on this particular weekend. The race had about 500 people, and featured both a 5k and a 10k. The 10k course was just two loops of the 5k course. Bart thought the race was quote “fun” and ran hard to win in a time of 31:18. Bart’s new bride, Veena, won the women’s race in 34:52.

There were a few guys in the pack at first, but a mile in, I pulled away and then kept building distance,” Bart recounted. “Through the halfway point, my lead was about 30 seconds. Then I pushed more and the guy [in second place] faded to finish in 33:22.”

The race, sponsored by Legal Seafoods, was thought to be measured accurately by USATF; however, runners using GPS to mapped the course and found it to be 5.97 miles, one quarter mile short. Still, a person has to run the race that is presented to him. Bart, ran the race, and Bart won.