Drew Nesbitt Pulls off Impressive Double at First Indoor Meet

East Strousburg, PA

Drew Nesbitt was able to exorcise the demons of his last race at club cross country nationals by coming up with a big double on very familiar territory. Drew took part in the Deschriver Invitational at his alma mater, East Strousburg Univeristy. His old coaches were surely impressed, as Drew won the alumni mile in a time that bested the open field. Drew then paced an old teammate through the first 600 of a 1000m race, peeling off the track at 1:27. Finally, Drew ended the day with an effort in the 3000m. Drew was not able to pull off a victory in both of his races, but he came damn close, finishing second in a time of 8:52. Drew was okay with the runner-up position in the 3000, as he said he “was happy with the solid effort on the day.”