Fennelly and Borghuis Go 2-3 at Bobtoberfest Five Miler

Philadelphia, PA

Ryan continued his mid-distance racing, and Bart made a return to action after Steamtown at the Bobtoberfest Five Miler. The race started at Blue Bell Park above Forbidden Drive. The first half mile went downhill through Rittenhouse Town. The morning of the race, there was significant rain, to the point that it called the race in to question. But eventually the sun came out, and the rain drained away from the main trails. Bart opened up with a 5:12 first mile. He said that he felt good early in the race – especially considering it was his first race since the Steamtown Marathon.

Villanova alumnus Tom Parlapiano and Fennelly were locking horns at the front of the race. Two miles in to Forbidden Drive, the course took a 180. At this point, Bart passed two runners and moved in to 3rd place. Bart was able to maintain his position, but was not able to make up more ground on the two leaders. In the late stages of the race, the course climbed back uphill. This, coupled with the fact that this was Bart’s first post-marathon effort, made his legs start to feel heavy. The order stayed the same until the finish line. Parlapiano 1st. But our guys put up solid performances, finishing 2nd and 3rd.

After the race, all the participants celebrated Halloween and the month of October with Bobtoberfest! Yes, you guessed it. The race was named after none other than Bob Shwelm! The winners received carved pumpkins, and in Octoberfest fashion, there were plenty of hot dogs and sauerkraut after the race!