Lucrezi Rips Road 5k

Lititz, PA

Gina has definitely returned to form, posting a smoking fast time at a small, low-key race called Hartz Fall Blast 5k. Gina took first place in the race with a time of 16:21. But as a true PRTC runner and person of character, Gina confessed that the course felt short to her. She “felt like it was a little short. We (Gina and her friend Drew) mapped it out with gps, and got 3.03-4 miles. So for a true 5k, I was probably closer to 16:40 or so.” Still, this is a big PR for Gina, as even the converted time would eclipse some 17 seconds from her previous best!

Gina recounted her victory, recalling that she “ran it solo after the first mile. I just kept thinking ‘Run hard, run harder.’. But I didn’t really feel like I was going that quickly. Despite how big of a performance Gina posted, she said that she still has “some bigger plans.”

Hartz Fall Blast 5k 2007
Gina Lucrezi, 1st Place, 16:21 *PR*