PR’s A-Plenty at PDR; Gina Races US 5k Champs

Philadelphia, PA; Providence, RI

The starting gun on this Sunday morning sent the runners off into a cool, crisp, and clear September day in Philadelphia. The temperature intimated that fast times were definitely possible on this day. Strangely, the lead runners maintained a pedestrian pace through the first two miles. “It was weird,” Brian Skelly said. “For the first two miles, I was right there with the international guys.” Before long, though, the racing began in earnest.

A slight wind accompanied the runners through center city and the first portion of Martin Luther King Drive. On the women’s team, Claire and Abby placed themselves high in the pecking order during the race. Moreover, all three members of the women’s team were on PR pace on this day. On the men’s team, Brian and Tom placed themselves high in the pecking order as well.

As Brian made his way towards the Art Museum, it seemed certain that he would better his half marathon PR. He did just that. Though Tom certainly ran much faster than his recorded time at the Caesar Rodney Half Marathon last year, today was officially a PR as well. Finally, there was Pat Ward, who was determined to live up to his prediction last Thursday of a PR. When Tony Reavis of Elite Racing asked Pat what his half marathon PR was, he said “1:13 – UNTIL SUNDAY!”

He was right.

So if you’re keeping count, that’s a sweep, ON BOTH SIDES! Each member of the women’s team AND each member of the men’s team PR’D at the 30th anniversary of the Jefferson Hospital Distance Run. If running is supposed to be about always pushing yourselves to improve, then the example demonstrated by our teams on this day is certainly noteworthy.

THE STARTING GUN WAS ALSO FIRED IN PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND, where Gina took on the top mid-distance women in the U.S. at the road 5k champs. Still under-raced, Gina posted a solid performance, running 17:26.