Skelly and PRTC Win Edition 4 of Battle Royale

Philadelphia, PA

The sunny, hot, and dry weekends continue in the Philadelphia area. And though it’s not fun to race in the heat, a small but talented field of men laced up their racing spikes at venerable Belmont Plateau to ‘heat up’ Battle Royale. The race included the usual suspects, including PRTC, BMRC, Breakneck TC, Philadelphia Athletic, Philadelphia Masters, and several open runners.

Though most people in this field are probably pointing towards longer distances this Fall, a shorter, harder effort can provide great benefit for the racers, as it helps them to focus on form and efficiency – not to mention good ol’ fashioned fast racing!

From the gun, Brian Skelly seemed determined to keep his winning streak going. He did just that. Brian Skelly led from start to finish. But Brian’s race was still exciting, as his control was impressive. More importantly, places 2 through 10 changed places several times.

The field completed the ‘Flagpole Hill loop,’ completing a little over a mile before heading toward Parachute Hill. At this stage, PRTC had several runners in Skelly’s jetstream, including Fennelly, Haxton, and Ross. But BMRC was looking to keep it close, as veteran Tom Parlapiano was keeping close contact with this group. Tom would soon be joined by teammates Zack Vaslow, Shawn Cavanaugh, Bernie Mueller, and Ryan Walsh.

After coming back out to the park area, the runners would make one more complete circuit. After running Parachute Hill a second time, the runners would emerge from the woods, kicking towards a finish chute approximately 200 meters straight ahead. On the second loop, several runners negotiated their way up the pecking order, including Breakneck’s John Garton, as well as master’s runners Chuck Shields and Bob Rimkis.

As the runners started to file in, it became clear that our guys worked hard, as the order of runners 2 through 4 shuffled order. Fennelly showed his mid-distance prowess, holding off a charging Tom Haxton, who was only two seconds in arrears.

Bryn Mawr showed tremendous depth by filling places five through seven and nine through ten. Fortunately, it wasn’t enough, as Pat Ward came through and made the day for PRTC! Making his way through some nagging injuries, Pat put his fitness on the line and gutted out a great performance, finishing 11th overall in 22:53!

And so there it was, PRTC went up won the day. It was a great race, completing with Bob holding the trophy to show the runners as they made their way up Flagpole Hill the second time. With music and Bob Kennedy signing autographs for the youth races, the race had a festive atmosphere.

PRTC wants to thank all the people who made this race possible for the fourth time. WE TRULY APPRECIATE YOU COMING OUT! The people include:

BMRC Proprietor Bob Shwelm (How can you not love that guy?) Puma Running Rep. Bryan Poerner (He keeps PRTC in their shoes) PRTC runner Tim Callinan for coordinating with Bob and Bryan Jason Yaffe for recording the Battle Royale IV results.

But even more than these people, we simply want to truly thank ALL the people who came out to race and watch, as well as the other employees of BMRC who helped out. With input from different parties, this race is really not a race that belongs to PRTC or BMRC. It belongs to the people who come out for the race each and every year. Make sure you all have a great Fall cheer each other on!

Full Battle Royale IV Results

Belmont Plateau, Philadelphia, PA Open Race (4 miles)

1.Bryan Skelly PRTC 21:13
2.Ryan Fennelly PRTC 21:36
3.Tom Haxton PRTC 21:38
4.Ross Martinson PRTC 21:43
5.Zack Vaslow BMRC 21:51
6.Tom Parllapiano BMRC 21:54
7.Shawn Cavanaugh BMRC 22:09
8.John Garton BTC 22:23
9.Bernie Muller BMRC 22:31
10.Ryan Walsh BMRC 22:35
11.Pat Ward PRTC 22:53
12.Matt Vavala PAC 23:29
13.Chuck Shields PAC 23:33
14.Joe Canney BTC 23:37
15.Jason Bull BMRC 23:49
16.Steve Metraux PAC 24:19
17.Bill Rimkis PAC 24:24
18.Jeff Hayes PAC 24:45
19.Kevin Forde PAC 24:56
20.Larry Rechtin 26:40
21.Neill Clark PAC 26:47
22.Kevin Saint Clair 30:48
23.Steve Clark 31:08
24.James Howe 31:30
25.Jim O’Neil 32:05