Shannon Wins Tim Kerr 7 Miler; Tim Runs in U.S. 20k Champs

Avalon, NJ; New Haven, CT

Though September 3rd was “Labor Day,” in which people are not supposed to work, Tim was working hard. He was working hard through the streets of New Haven, Connecticut that is. New Haven is annual host to the U.S. 20k road championships. This year, it was also host to plenty of sunshine and high temperatures. That’s good if you’re on the beach, not quite so goos if you’re practically racing a half marathon on the roads.

Tim came through in fine fashion however. Tim improved on his finish here from 2005 by a whopping 2:30! Posting 1:07.38 in 2005, Tim returned this year to finish in 1:05.03! “I felt like I ran smart,” Tim noted. This assesment plays out when one observes the 10k splits in the race results. While Tim ran steady, there were runners who went out well ahead of him, only accede ground to Tim in the late stages of the race.

The beginning of the race has a slight upward grade and makes several turns in the early miles – before looping the course down toward the waterfront. Just when a runner can lose focus in the middle miles of a race (in this case miles six and seven), the field finds itself out in the open with no shade. Taking into consideration the weather conditions mentioned previously, that was going to put the pressure on the elite field to keep their ‘cool.’ And that’s just what Tim did. “Actually, I felt good down by the waterfront. I am happy. That time converts to a nice PR for me at half marathon.” Setting a nice PR at the longer distances bodes well for Tim as he prepares to lace up his shoes at the LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon.

Closer to home, Shannon paced the women’s field at the Tim Kerr 7 Miler the day before Tim’s race. Shannon has been training for the half marathon since late June. Before then, she only ran ten miles a few times. She decided that she wanted to set a goal and have something to work towards. Because she tends to compete better in longer races, Shannon’s coach and brother Brian, suggested racing PDR.

Tim Kerr was Shannon’s first attempt at a race over 10k. “I think I ran pretty conservatively and have more to give. I am feeling good for PDR. The race went out, and I went through the first mile in the 6:20’s, just trying to stay relaxed, which probably helped.”

Race conditions included sunny skies and temperatures in the high 70s and low 80s. The race starts out one block in from te beach in Avalon. The runners make their way on to Dune Drive and race toward Stone Harbor, before turning around and heading back to the race staging area. Shannon explained that it was “actually hard to focus because a lot of us had trouble finding mile markers. I didn’t even see it after 2 until 5 again. My pace was 6:31 (45:37). I’m hoping I can get that faster next time. It would be nice to stay relatively close to that come PDR. I have been getting my miles up a tad, hoping it helps.”

Tim Kerr 7 Mile Island Run 2007 Shannon Klick, 1st Place, 45:37 Stratton Faxon New Haven 20k 2007 Tim Callinan, 24th Place, 65:03