Racing Couple Completes Summer with another Double Victory

Stone Harbor, NJ

Yet again, Brian Skelly and Renee Gunning romped through a Summer road race en route to victory. This time, the couple raced down at the Jersey shore in the Stone Harbor Lion’s Club 10k. Brian ran with teammate Ted Callinan for approximately two miles before pushing ahead on his own. Brian and Ted were chasing one runner that was running the 5k (run concurrently with the 10 over the same loop). Despite the sun, heat, and humidity, Brian maintained the lead he built up between miles 2 and 4 to score an individual victory. Ted gave the men’s outing a 1-2 finish.

When the two men hit the turnaround to run the 5k loop in reverse, they could see Renee, who was literally only a place behind in the race overall! Renee captured the 5k title easily, using the race as speed work for her upcoming race at the Jefferson Hospital Philadelphia Distance Run. Conversely, Gina Lucrezi used the 10k to work on her strength to prepare for her upcoming race at the CVS Downtown 5k in Providence, Rhode Island. This race serves as the USATF 5k road race championships. Gina scored a convincing victory as well.

As for the rest of the team, the short-term goal is the fourth edition of the Battle Royale, which will be held on Saturday, 8 September at Belmont Plateau. This race will mark the true beginning of the Fall racing.