Haxton Turns in Fast Time at Belmar; Fenn and Collins Run Club Track Champs

Randall’s Island, NY; Belmar, NJ

Racing for the team this past weekend began on Friday evening at the Randall’s Island track in New York. Fennelly was toeing the line for his first 1500m in quite a while. Fenn was throwing himself in to the deep end of the pool, racing the 1500m at the USATF Club Outdoor Track Championships. Fenn slipped at the start and found himself back around 12th place. The pace was apparently tame, as the runners seemed content to make it a sit-and-kick race with 300m to go. As the runners entered the last lap, Fenn did try to work his way out of the box and advanced several places. Fenn wanted more, but placed 9th overall. On Saturday afternoon at the track championships, Matt Collins raced the 400m hurdles. Unlike the 1500m, the times for this event were very fast. Like Fenn, Matt wanted more out of his race. Matt ran a solid effort, posting his third fastest time since joining the club!

A FEW HOURS BEFORE MATT COLLINS RACED, Tom and Bart laced up their shoes for the Belmar 5 Miler. Tom and Bart were just south down the coastline from Matt Collins, but found fast runners a-plenty at their race as well. A large contingent of Ethiopians that train in West Chester County, New York certainly raised the level of this year’s race in Belmar. While in Summer training, Tom was able to run an outstanding time of 24:43 – a time that would have won the race in previous years! Tom went out hard, passing the first mile mark with the leaders in a swift 4:40. When the pace further increased after two miles, he knew he should simply run his own race. Still feeling somewhat fatigued from the Utica Boilermaker 15k, Bart was not unsatisfied with his finishing time of 25:35. More Summer racing to come!