Lucrezi Returns to Racing with a Win!!!

Gettysburg, PA

Gina Lucrezi decided to test the racing waters quietly at a road 5k in Gettysburg, PA. But Gina had serious competition in the form of Heidi Wolfsberger and Phebe Ko. Add to that rolling hills the entire way, and Gina certainly bit off a lot for her first race. But Gina pulled through for an encouraging win. Entering the late stages of the race, Gina was in third. And as the top three girls entered the last half mile of the race, Gina and Heidi Wolfsberger were both trailing Ko. Coming around the last turn before the final stretch, Gina pre-empted Wolfsberger’s move, passed her, and kept charging until she put Ko in her rearview mirror as well. Yes, Gina bit off a lot for her first race, but apparently it was not more than she could chew.