Men’s Team Defends Title at Broad Street; Women put Three in Top Six

Princeton, NJ; Philadelphia, PA

This is it. This is what the team has always been about. As incredible as Renee’s top three finish, the team is just as proud of Pat Ward’s stellar first attempt at ten miles, running a little over 52 minutes! The women’s team has established themselves as one of the top clubs anywhere, placing three girls in the top ten of this race that boasted 17,000+ runners. But our men’s team is strong too, and surely showed its depth on Sunday. Not running nearly all of the men on the roster, PRTC still had nine make runners in the field. And for the second straight year, the men’s team won the team title. What’s more impressive, the three scorers on this year’s team are three COMPLETELY DIFFERENT runners than the scorers the team relied on last year. Now that’s depth.

The day was sure to provide fast times, as there was a wind coming out of the North (the course runs north to south). And though the skies were sunny, the temperature was not too hot. At the gun, the front of the race instantly split in to little groups. There was a lead group of three, a pair of runners not far behind, and then a thin straight line of runners back to the first main pack. The first half of the course (the runners hit 5 miles shortly before City Hall) is faster, and the splits were coming quickly.

At four miles, Ross and Ted met up and ran together the rest of the way. Meanwhile, Renee was putting herself in some elite company, and second place didn’t seem out of question. By the mid-point of the race, it was clear Abby and Claire were going to continue their Spring PR streaks. The key to the Broad Street Run is buckling down from the Avenue of the Arts to Broad and Oregon. Once the stadiums are in sight, the runners know it won’t be long until the finish, so their spirits are revived.

As the early finishers sped towards the finish in the revitalized Naval Yard, the hard work, and early, hilly, cold, long Sunday runs that the team did during the Winter were surely going to pay off. Of the twelve total runners that PRTC placed on the line Sunday, no less than nine ran PR’s. As you know the men’s team won the team title and the women surely would have as well (the girls were simply placed together too late to score as a team). Renee made a big splash at the longer distances and received some noteriety from the press. Claire scored yet another PR in 2007. And Steve and Abby showed their fitness as they prepare for Grandma’s Marathon in June. It’s hard not to love this race. We couldn’t be happier with the way our guys and girls ran. We hope you had a good race too!

DURING THE WEEK heading in to Broad Street, a lone PRTC runner placed his spikes on the track. Matt Collins lined up against only one other competitor at Princeton’s Broadmead Invitational. That might not sound impressive, but this small meet is always comprised of solid open runners, and collegiate athletes who either just missed IC4A’s or NCAA Regionals AND athletes that DID qualify for these races and want to race a low key meet simply as a tune-up.

Matt said he is still not satisfied with the way he is running between the hurdles, yet he was happy with his effort on this night, as he ran his fastest time of the Spring so far. Matt ran 54:19 and hopes to run back in to the 53s at Swarthmore’s upcoming meet. Looking ahead, Matt believes that these last two years of racing might provide him with the strength he needs to break his collegiate PR of 52.1. This is a mere 1.1 seconds from the USATF qualifying standard! We hope he does it!