Girls Race Cross Country Nationals

San Francisco, CA

For the second straight year, the women’s team enjoyed group representation at the Fall edition of the cross country national championships. And they came up with some solid results. Gina and Claire both placed well in to the top 50, with Gina finishing overall, and Claire finishing 36th. Shannon experienced her first big post-collegiate race and gained some open-ranks experience as well.

The PRTC girls were placed in an open box at the starting line, along with Princeton’s Cack Farrell, local runner Courtney, and one other runner. Starting from a mixed group box and finding the course narrowing almost instantly, the girls noted that it was tough to get out to a good start. And it seemed that if you didn’t get out, you were stuck running in a line. Add what the girls described as “soft, gentle, but muddy footing,” and the start did not see the runners going at top end. The rains from the night before eventually turned the course in to what Gina described as a “mud bath.”

Gina and Claire both were out to good starts and stated that the first loop near the horse race track seemed to go by fast. After the track, Gina kept “trying to pick people off.” Then the runners found some minor log jumps on the course. Finally, the girls had to climb a short, yet steep hill and begin to kick, as there was approximately 800 to 1k left in the race.

With a very deep field and over 240 women in their race, the PRTC girls ran great! Shannon was especially glad to gain the experience so early in her post-collegiate racing. She recounted that she “probably should have run some more cross country this past Fall, as I did many more road races. But cross country is so competitive, and I definitely learned from my mistakes in the race.” Nice work, ladies! Way to represent on the West Coast!