Byrne Back from Injury – Races at Cow Harbor!

Northport, NY; Providence, RI; Philadelphia, PA

This mid-September weekend was a big one for PRTC. As has been the case many times before, PRTC had runners competing in several races in one weekend, spanning several states. On this weekend, the team covered a portion of the Mid-Atlantic and had a representative in New England.

Matt Byrne began the weekend’s action in New York. In January of this year, Matt fractured his sacrum, making the possibility of training all but void. In pain, yet determined, Matt tried to make a recovery from the injury in late February and early March. But Byrne’s eagerness also seemed to be his undoing. He had not completely healed, and the little running he had done acted as a set-back.

Fast forward to late Summer. By this point, Matt had taken a more careful approach to his training, health, and overall fitness. He was feeling less pain in his lower back, and Matt finally felt ready to put himself in to team workouts. On a Tuesday morning in early August, Matty jumped in an 8 x 1200m workout with Ted and Ross. He completed the workout in great fashion. It was clear Matt was turning a corner. A few weeks and workouts later, and Matt was ready to run a tune-up race before the Steamtown Marathon.

Byrne chose the mid-size, yet extremely deep Cow Harbor 10k race as his tune-up, as this race has been on his calendar annually. Matt felt good about his racing on this day, and was on pace to somehow better his performance from last year! Considering the trials and tribulations he has been through this past year, that is quite remarkable. But Matt conceded that he had trouble closing out the race in the last half mile. “I was pushing hard at the end, but I didn’t feel great” Matt said afterwards. But more than a half year of injury later and short on total workouts, Matt was able to finish Cow Harbor with an astonishing performance, tying his time from last year down to the second! Great job, Matt! Good to have you back!