Borghuis Sharpens up for PDR

Philadelphia, PA

Looking to sharpen up before the Jefferson Hospital Philadelphia Distance Run, Bart took part in the annual Paper Mill run, a small 5k race on Forbidden drive. After injury precluded track racing in the Spring, Bart is back and has been training intensively all Summer. Bart took a vacation to Italy and was able to enjoy two weeks of solid training in the rolling hills of Tuscany. He returned refreshed and re-energized and proved it today, taking the top place in the Paper Mill 5k. When the gun went off, Bart went out hard, and no-one followed closely. Unfortunately, the turn around point on this out-and-back course had not been marked and race-volunteers were still looking for the right spot when Bart passed. Turning more than a quarter mile too far, Bart ran hard to catch up, and finished 20 seconds behind the leaders, in 4th place. Race officials offered a re-run, but realizing that he had technically run a 6k, the winner and second place finisher unanimously decided to grant Bart the win.